So I made a blog.  
The purpose is to share our life in Seattle, WA with friends and family.  
The URL is because “vigor” is one of my favorite words (yes, I have favorite words…more on that later.) It means “effort, energy, and enthusiasm.” Every post created will be guaranteed to have some aspect of vigor in it.  
Effort – what we’re working on, working through, or working towards.
Energy – what, and primarily Whom, keeps us going.
Enthusiasm – what we’re passionate about and enjoy sharing with people. 
Welcome to Tillage. 



4 thoughts on “First

  1. margie says:

    I love your writing and am so excited to share in some way the journey you are taking. Awesome pictures, and wonderful descriptions…. Now I remember why work seems so vanilla without you there!! Can’t wait for more updates!!

  2. Aitken says:

    cool! I’m gonna make one too for my last semester in Hawaii… fun. miss you!

  3. alibarnes says:

    Can’t wait for all your deeeep insights! I mean, anyone who makes up a word must be pretty awesome. Hahaha just playing, but we miss you so much down here and pray you’re doing well! Much Love – Ali

  4. linda says:

    Boy you guys picked a winter to leave…not, it’s been beautiful here in the Midwest! That said, I sure hope I didn’t just jinx us 🙂 I know the box arrived, was everything ok in it? I worried about sending the bread,but I did freeze it solid before I put it in the mail. Since it doesn’t contain any preservatives, I wasn’t sure. Enjoy each other! We love you both! Aunt Linda

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