Road Trip to WA

After packing up all our belongings and entrusting them in the hands of movers we had never even met, we began our drive to the Pacific Northwest.

Our first stop was in Denver, CO where we had the opportunity to see some close friends – Casey Fanning and Laura and Ashley Ellison.

After meeting up with friends and eating some quality food, we hopped on the road again and began our drive to Wyoming.

I have never driven through a more beautiful state. There are undulating hills, pristine countryside, and mountains that are so perfect, they almost need to be carved by hand.

The following pictures are ones we took with our phones as we were driving…

There would be periods of silence in our car as we just sat there amazed by what we were seeing. It felt like we were in an interactive painting or something. So perfect, that despite the road we were driving on, I felt like I was trespassing.

We are notorious for taking routes that are off the beaten path, so to speak. So one night as we were driving through a remote part of the state, our phones lost service for over an hour, and we had no stations that were coming through on the radio. There were no other cars for miles, and no rest stops either. No artificial lights – just our headlights and the stars…and the stars’ light being reflected off of the snow. And then a snowstorm hit, and we were driving no faster than 25 mph for quite a ways. We really enjoyed feeling totally disconnected from civilization out in such a vast amount of space.

And look at what I found!…

Some hunters were a little bewildered that I wanted to take a photo of the antelope they had just killed. They had just gutted it and and the raw flesh was still steaming, (even though you can’t see it.) It was really cool.

So we stopped for coffee in Laramie which is a really cold place and I would never live there because my face would freeze off. Then, we stayed the night in Lander. Home of Sufjan Stevens‘ recording studio :) (One of our favorite artists.) Such a random place for it! It’s a small mountaineering town that’s know for it’s awesome climbing and extensive hiking trails. We’d like to go back in the summer sometime.

After Lander we made our way to Jackson Hole!

Did you know that French Canadian fur-trappers named this mountain range the Grand Tetons and it means “large breasts” ? Hilarious.

Jackson Hole is beautiful during Christmastime.

We stayed at the Rustic Inn. Worth checking out if you like skiing and plan to visit Jackson Hole sometime! I highly recommend it. The breakfast in the morning is incredibly good.

After that we drove through Idaho to Montana, where we stayed in Boseman for a night. We felt pretty lucky because there was a Christmas parade going on in downtown that night! They close down the main streets, which are loaded with Christmas lights, and all the little quaint stores along the street stay open late and have hot cocoa and baked goodies inside to lure you into making unnecessary Christmas purchases. There was an awesome drum line this year that made it a lot of fun!

Montana was breathtaking as well, and made me want to learn to fly-fish. Tyrel is going to learn this spring and hopefully teach me :)

Then we drove into Washington and stayed a night in Spokane before completing the drive to our new home!

Hands down the best road trip ever.

And…I have the most handsome husband ever. The end.

3 thoughts on “Road Trip to WA

  1. peggy mills says:


    Your Papa and I have made that trip…..amazing road trip…huh?? Another great road trip is to drive all the way down the west.


  2. Stef Owens says:

    Baha! My family used to live in Laramie…

  3. Aunt Linda says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures and the road trip info!.

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