10 inches and counting

The first thing Tyrel and I do every morning is look out the window at the view from our condo. We love where we live and love starting out our day with a thankful state of mind. Usually we see mountains and a sky full of sunshine (or rain) but this morning, we saw SNOW. And lots of it!

So far, 10 inches. And it’s still coming down! More expected tonight also.

Tyrel threw countless snowballs – some at me, others at teenage boys playing in the snow whom he thought looked annoying. Ha. Lucky for all of us, the snow was still powder.

Don’t worry I’m not peeling snowballs from my face I’m just eating it.


Tyrel makes very tall snow angels.

In the process of making my own…

Yesterday Tyrel had bought the ingredients to make Nutella no-bake cookies for me, because Nutella is my fav. I go through that stuff like most people go through milk. Anyways, today was the perfect day for them, and he made them as soon as we got back from playing in the snow. They are/were delicious. (Quite a few have been eaten.)

Cookies, Tyrel, and Simon (lest you’ve forgotten, our personified Christmas tree.) Happy family on the perfect snow day.


One thought on “10 inches and counting

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    OK, So that’s where our snow is, Please send it on down KS way! Caity is wanting some in OK, so please share! Great Pics!

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