Tribute: Autum & David

The thing about marrying a really cool guy is that you also gain really cool family members – Autum (Ty’s sister) being one of them. Autum just graduated from PA school at the top of her class and in her last year of school, met David. David is a very talented fashion designer. I would describe some of his work to you, but seeing as how I’m always wearing fleece, dri-fit, or scrubs every day of my life, I don’t have adequate fashion knowledge or vocabulary to give his line the credit it deserves. You’d just be better off visiting his website. They’re both creative geniuses in different ways, which makes them such a great couple. They’re totally suited for one another for so many reasons.

And…they just got engaged recently!!!

Today I am particularly looking forward to their life together…so I had to blog about it.

David was asked to show his line in the OklaVision fashion show last year and invited Tyrel and I to take part. We had the privilege of meeting his mother has well.

As I write this I’m just so excited that I keep pausing to squeal and stuff. It’s kinda weird.

Adding David to our already awesome family just makes life that much better, and family get-togethers that much more fun. It’s a joy to watch my sister go through the same excitement that I experienced not too long ago! So congrats to Autum and David! Tyrel and I are so excited for you both!


One thought on “Tribute: Autum & David

  1. autum says:

    You are the sugar in my over steeped lavender tea. You are the violet in my prickly rose garden, the sunshine on a gloomy day. We definitely feel your love here and miss you both. Keep up all the awesome posts. It’s fun seeing your Seattle adventures. Love you, sister!

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