Urban Coffee Lounge

We’ve been exploring Seattle’s coffee shops since we’ve arrived and I feel like we’ve barely skimmed the surface of what it has to offer! I will say though, I have not found a cup of coffee that tops my favorite place from home – Gray Owl Coffee in Norman, OK. When it comes to a simple cup of joe, their individually french-pressed cups can’t be beat. Just sayin’.

The photo above is from a place we really enjoy called Urban Coffee Lounge.  They also have a wine menu and some beers on tap. They host live music there every so often also.

They are known for their “Top Shelf Mocha” – it’s what I ordered. I don’t typically like mochas because they’re too sweet, but this one wasn’t. It was just right.

Tyrel enjoyed his black. His coffee is always so dark I feel like I’m chewing on a piece of charcoal. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

I think Seattle’s coffee consumption has a lot to do with the weather. Imagine how lazy and chill you feel on rainy days – you need a caffeinated kick in the pants to jump start your productivity. Seattle isn’t as rainy and gloomy as people make it out to be, but having a nice cup of coffee to keep you going is always nice.

…and that’s just a photo I took on my phone on our way home. No relevance whatsoever. I just thought it was cool.


2 thoughts on “Urban Coffee Lounge

  1. I saw UCL link to your blog post from their Facebook page. I’m glad to see folks enjoying this gem of a shop on the east-side! My wife and I have lived in Kenmore for a few years and that is really the sweet spot– and Stumptown beans are solid with a skilled barista.


  2. urban COFFEE lounge says:

    Thanks for the great write up =)

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