Out and About

Tyrel and I have been making an effort to ride the bus to areas of Seattle we have yet to explore. These photos we have taken along our journey.

These next two were taken in Capitol Hill – a neighborhood near where I work downtown.

Molly Moon’s – the best ice cream that has ever touched my lips. And if you know me, I have eaten my fair share of ice cream. They have really unusual flavors along with the common ones, and all their ingredients are local. My favorite is Honey Lavender. On this particular day, I had Honey Lavender and Cardamom. If you come visit us…we’re taking you here.

These are from Queen Anne. We went to a well-known restaurant called…

Everything on the menu is named after famous Broadway shows, and the type of food varies from comfort food to tex-mex to anything you can think of. I hear their breakfasts are amazing so we plan on going back.

My good friend Ashley Aitken runs track for the University of Hawaii and is incredibly talented! She had an indoor meet at the University of Washington so I came to see her and watch her run. 

I’m so bad about taking photos when I’m with people I haven’t seen in a while! I just feel like by pausing to take a photo when I’m hanging out with someone, I’m interrupting the flow of our good time. I really wish I would have taken more photos with Aitken while she was here. Next time!

There’s a country club less than 10 minutes away from our house that has the best view!

That’s downtown. Can you see the Space Needle?

The rest of these are from the area we live in. I found all of these views from when I’ve been out running and vowed to go back to take photos.

More exploring to do. So more to come at a later date!


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