Lacey Parents Visit

It’s been delightfully busy these last couple of weeks due to having visitors in town, so blogging has been way down on the list of priorities as we’ve enjoyed our company. 


Tyrel’s parents (Bob and Cheryl) came to stay for a long weekend that felt too short. We fit a lot in in the short amount of time they were here though! One of our favorite things we did was go to sushi at Blue C with Cheryl’s cousin Cynthia and her daughter Miko, who drove in from Yakima, WA to see Bob and Cheryl while they were in town (and whom I had the privilege of meeting for the first time!) 


At BlueC the sushi moves along on a conveyor belt and you pick which plates you want. I like it because you can sample a variety. But it’s rather dangerous for someone like Tyrel and I because we can each eat our weight in sushi. And, let’s be honest, we basically did that day. 

See what I mean?

Okay we may have had help. I wanted to exaggerate to get my point across, though.

And as if that weren’t enough, we went to Trophy Cupcakes for dessert because it is Miko’s favorite place.



It’s always a blessing having family around. 

Thanks, Lacey parents, for loving us!



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