Paula Mae Whiting’s Visit

My senior year of college I needed a roommate, and my coach said there was going to be a girl from New Zealand join our team who needed a place to live. He thought we’d get along well so I agreed to share an apartment with her. Turns out she was a total head case and I was in misery for a whole year.


Just kidding.


She actually became one of my closest friends ever. And she came to Seattle to stay with us! It was awesome.


We went to Pike Market the first day she was here.

We also ran, of course.

While she was here, her and I took the train up to Vancouver, B.C. to vacation for a few days.

We went to Chinatown…


Sampled the famous coconut bun from a well-known bakery there…

…Walked around some real shady parts to get to our bus stop, where everyone was homeless and/or strung out on street drugs. It made for quite the experience. While we were admiring this mural, a homeless man greeted us and kindly advised us to avoid going one block further. I appreciated that, ya know?

We went to Yaletown and walked around for a bit…
and saw some shops like this quaint little hat store…

We went to dinner where we were served appetizers on the house because Paula got into a conversation with the chef about rugby – a sport she knows oh so well.

Sampled some of the locally brewed beer…

And mapped out where we wanted to go on foot because we kinda prefer simply walking places.

We walked to Granville Island…

And visited the most amazing markets I’ve ever experienced! All kinds of fresh local produce, meats, cheeses, spices, juices…

More photos from Granville Island…

We stayed in Kitsilano, a neighborhood of greater Vancouver that (as I learned on Wikipedia) was a popular place for hippies in the 1960s. Some of that vibe definitely still exists today. So that’s where we started all of our long walks from as we went exploring Vancouver. Here are some of the photos that were taken on those walks.

It was an amazing time! There are some people in your life you get close to that you know just can’t ever be replaced. Paula is one of those people and I’m a better person because I know her.

Cheers to friendship, travel, and to eternally foul-smelling running shoes that stink up your whole suitcase.



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