Ethiopian St. Patty’s Day

Tyrel and I planned our date night on St. Patty’s Day without even realizing what day it was, so instead of celebrating it with green beer and plastic shamrock necklaces, we ate Ethiopian. Typical.

There was an authentic Ethiopian restaurant in downtown we’ve been wanting to try for a while called “Habesha”…

“Habesha” is what native Ethiopians refer to themselves as, generally.

Great ambience.
Delicious imported beer.
…the Hakim Stout was the favorite of the two.

Delicious…everything. Doro wot, yebeg alicha, green chicken, sega tibs, misser wot, kiki, gomen, selata, and cottage cheese. The crepe looking thing is injera – unleavened bread with a spongy texture that is a staple of Ethiopian cuisine. It tastes like sourdough but has the texture of a thick crepe. Instead of using eating utensils, you pick up bites of the food with injera. (The wait staff doesn’t even provide you with forks.)

It’s more common to order plates to share because breaking bread together takes on a strong social significance in Ethiopia – it’s considered essential to maintaining loyal bonds and friendship. This is where “gursha” is practiced. Gursha technically means “mouthful” but refers to placing food in another’s mouth as a sign of friendship or affection. Tyrel and I practiced this, and needless to say, I need to take some things to the dry-cleaners. Totally worth it though.

We also ordered tiramisu and baklava for dessert, but no photos are featured because none were taken. We simply ate it too quickly.

Maybe if I eat Ethiopian food more frequently I’ll be a faster runner?

Just a thought. 🙂


One thought on “Ethiopian St. Patty’s Day

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    Looks Interesting, BUT WHAT No St. Patrick’s Day celebration?!! You’re slippin’ LOL

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