Shout Out 4/02/12

I’ve decided to start doing shout outs of people I find myself just randomly missing. This is the start of several more to come.

What are “shout outs” anyways? Can that term be used outside of radio broadcasting? Maybe I’ll start calling the blogging equivalent of shout outs “type [enthusiastically and with fondness] outs”.

This “type out” is for April Morrison.

April, I’m terribly sorry if you’re reading this and don’t approve of the photo I chose. I don’t think you can take a bad photo and I’m sure Chuck would agree. But seeing as how this, at one time, was your profile pic, I assumed it would be okay. If not, get over it. It’s my blog.

(I thought you might appreciate the assertiveness with that last statement.)

So as I was looking through Facebook to find a photo of you, I realized it was your birthday! Happy birthday! I totally didn’t plan that on purpose…how ironic! That’s so funny.

Anyways, this April. April is a nurse at Oklahoma Heart Hospital – the hospital I used to work at. As a brand new nurse, April was my nurse preceptor. For those of you who don’t know what that is, basically new nurses (or experienced nurses in new departments) are paired with a more experienced nurse to “show them the ropes” so to speak. April oriented me to my first nursing job ever and under her guidance and leadership I learned quite a lot. Not to sound sappy, but April taught me how to do my job well. She also taught me how to have the proper perspective on things, as well as a sense of humor when it comes to being a cardiac nurse…because oftentimes it’s needed.

There are so many stories I wish I could share of days when we laughed hysterically, but most of those would violate HIPAA. Stories involving ticks, strange underwear, tattoos in unusual places, and downright large human beings. But you can just let your imagination run wild.

So cheers to danskos, venti skinny vanilla lattes from Starbucks, midazolam, and the tangibles/intangibles you taught me that will continue to have an impact on me throughout my career.

You’re awesome. And?….I love you. 🙂


One thought on “Shout Out 4/02/12

  1. April Morrison says:

    Lana you are so sweet! And awesome and I totally miss you. Thank you for all the kind words! And I’m really glad you feel you learned some things from me.

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