Andrew Bird Concert

It’s difficult for most anyone to single out their favorite singer-songwriter of all time. There’s a lot of talent to consider and a lot of melodic and lyrical differences to appreciate before accomplishing such an undertaking. However, I think if I had to say for sure, my favorite all-time musical artist would be Andrew Bird. Ty and I stumbled upon him when I went to visit Ty in Norway the summer before my senior year. We had originally wanted to see Bon Iver who wound up being sold out, but we were set on going to a concert. Andrew Bird was playing the same weekend, we had never heard of him, so we downloaded his album on iTunes, and I quickly became a fan. We saw him there in Oslo and have been fans ever since!

And…Tyrel and I saw him live at the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle is week!!!

“What kind of music does he play?” you may be asking. That’s a difficult one to answer. I’ll just spew out facts and you can piece it together to form your own opinion.

He was trained in classical violin from a young age. He has an uncanny whistling ability that he incorporates into his music. He has a keen interest in biology and humanity and behavioral patterns of the two that shows in his lyrics. He uses loop pedals to layer sounds and add melodic complexity.

New York Times says his music has a “homespun feel and emotional complexity.” Spin magazine says he “blends tricky melodious melodies and slippery lyrics, yet never lapses into annoyingly smug artiness.”

Now that I’ve described him to you, you should watch this. It’s one of my favorite YouTube vids of him. If you like that, or even if you don’t, listen to “anonanimal” or “tenuousness” from his Noble Beast album. Those were my original favs. Anonanimal maaay have even been played in the line-up we made for our wedding as guests trickled in.



I have a tendency to express excitement in unusual ways that generally manifest themselves in the form of “face-making”….



Very awesome venue! The acoustics in this place are amazing. Unlike anywhere else I’ve been. And now that we’ve seen him live in two countries, we figure we may as well grow that number.
I do have to give credit to his opener, Laura Marling. (She plays nu folk and dated Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons, so you know the girl is legit. Because Mumford and Sons is another one of my favs. And Tyrel openly admits that he has a major man-crush on the guy.) All that to say, she’s incredible. I typically don’t listen to many female artists and I don’t know why…I just never have. But I really like her. And if I could have anyone’s voice in the world it would be hers. There were moments while she was playing I imagined the scene in The Little Mermaid where Ursula wants Ariel’s voice, so after a deal is made, Ariel begins to sing and Ursula reaches out and takes her voice box…and I imagined myself being Ursula and taking Laura Marling’s voice.
I hope I’ve introduced you to some music you can enjoy!



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