Taste of Spring

Seattle’s often rainy and overcast, yes. But then one day I look out the window and I see the greatest rainbow ever, just hovering over the rooftop waiting to be appreciated.
Amazing! I kept waiting for Skittles to rain down or something.

I’ve never seen the beginning and end of a rainbow before. We felt like we could reach out and touch it.

The next two days after were sunny and beautiful so we took full advantage of it!

We went to the Newcastle Country Club and Golf Course’s driving range.

…he’s pretty handsome huh.

…I’m particularly fond of the photo above because I think it looks like Tyrel’s body is popping out of the golf bag.
To continue taking advantage of the nice weather, some friends and I got together for girl’s night and had cocktails and finger foods. (But is it still called “finger food” when you eat itby the fist full?)
I made dark chocolate truffles.

…and they were delicious.

Cheers to rainbows and sunshine!

I sound like a care bear.

But seriously, it was such a beautiful weekend…and Summer is on its way!


3 thoughts on “Taste of Spring

  1. Todd Christensen says:

    Um. That is one good lookin pullover T has on there. Whoever gave that to him must be a cool guy.

  2. loperfamily says:

    woooohooo! can’t wait to do that again 🙂 (oh yeah…i found your blog. and started following immediately!)

  3. loperfamily says:

    wooohoooo!! can’t wait to do that again! 🙂

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