Issaquah Farmer’s Market

There’s nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning and going to a farmer’s market with some friends on such a sunny day!

This was such an amazing market because not only did the sell fresh fruits and veggies, but also some of the most beautiful flower arrangements! And not to mention the food vendors. We already had our fridge stocked with fruits and veggies so we loaded up on the food from the vendors 🙂

Look closely at the cart and see if you can tell what animal it is…

It’s a pig! Tyrel was super excited about the pulled pork sandwiches and homemade mac & cheese…which turned out to be quite delicious.

Now look at the license plate closely…

It’s the little things in life that get me really excited. Everyone humored me and took a photo in front of the giant metal pig.

Meet Mark and Mary! Tyrel and I’s good friends who are getting married on July 4th of this year “so there will always be fireworks”. They’re pretty amazing!

…we wanted to ride a pony but there was a weight limit. Dang it. We asked if one person could ride two ponies but that wasn’t an option.

…Doesn’t this just make you wanna lie in the grass and take a nap?

If there’s one thing that I always get whenever I have the opportunity, it’s kettle corn. Love the stuff. (Okay, I don’t love it. I have a great affinity for it.)

It was a great day to be outside and enjoy the nice weather! The next day was also beautiful, so we spent the majority of it outside, too. The park near our home has a big public recreational field that we decided to have a sushi picnic on. Almost immediately after we laid our blanket down and started eating, some kids teams started playing a tee-ball game started on our left, and a flag football game started on our right. We were “that couple” sandwiched in between two games enjoying our little picnic. Watching little boys play tee-ball is hilarious and adorable. Everyone in the outfield is oblivious to what’s going on and I think the parents get more involved in the game than the actual players! The most excited we saw the kids was when the game was over and they were walking out of the dugouts with a juice box in one hand and a rice krispy treat in the other.

We also got a kick out of a couple of the dads who had kids playing in the flag football game. There was a dad who decided the game would best be enjoyed by removing his shirt to show off his gym muscles and talking up all the moms. Yes, it was a nice sunny and warm day, but really?! Home boy’s kid was like, 12. (Those types of guys really get on Tyrel’s nerves, which made the situation that more hilarious.) The moms were giggling either because they were flattered, or because they felt awkward. Probably the latter.

Between cheering for the tee-ball game between mouthfuls of sushi, and making imaginary commentary between shirtless dad and giggle box mamas, we had a pretty darn good time. And…we got sunburns that day. Even though our flesh stung the next day, (Tyrel’s more than mine, haha) it was reassuring and somehow worth it knowing the sun still exists in the beautiful Northwest.


2 thoughts on “Issaquah Farmer’s Market

  1. Ryan & Heidi Staebell says:

    Nice! The farmers market is starting up in the next couple weeks here too! Agreed, one of the best saturday morning activities EVER!

  2. loperfamily says:

    jealous we missed it!! next time we’ll run down and meet you guys there 🙂

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