Wine Tasting

My Aunt Sherri and I have been meaning to spend a full day together since Tyrel and I moved here. So we decided on an activity….driving to Woodinville and touring a couple wineries!

My favorite was Chateau Ste Michelle.

Washington has an ideal climate for vineyards. Plenty of rainfall but just the right mix of sunshine and warmth too. The warm summer days make the grapes more sweet and the cool summer nights increase the grape’s acidity, balancing out the two flavors you want present in your glass.

Whites and reds are made differently, but the difference isn’t only in the grape itself (because there are some red grapes that are actually made into white wine). The difference is in the fermentation process.

White wine is made by removing the skins from the grapes prior to being fermented, which is why you can get away with using red-skinned grapes for a white wine.

With reds, there are two stages in the fermentation process. During the first stage the skins are left on. This is where the color comes from. It is also where the tannins in the red wine come from that prolong the life of the wine. Maybe part of the reason opened bottles of white wine seem to last a shorter length of time? And why you serve them cold and put the back in the fridge after you open them? Just a thought.

I still prefer reds, but I found a dry riesling that I really really like that Chateau Ste Michelle has called “Eroica”. Not to be confused with “Erotica”. If you walk into a wine bar and accidentally ask for “erotica” you may be disappointed, disturbed, or disgusted. Just a warning.

Jesus’ first miracle he performed was turning water into wine at a wedding and I find that so interesting. Moses turned water into blood in the Old Testament, and Jesus turned water into wine in the New Testament. “For the law was given through Moses and grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” – John 1:17. Moses’ miracle implies judgment, and Christ’s miracle implies generosity and joy…such a beautiful contrast between law and grace, right?! Not to mention how cool it is that this miracle happened at a wedding (seeing as how marriage between followers of Christ is a representation of Christ and the church) and how the basis of a relationship with Christ is dependent solely on (very generous) grace and nothing else.

I couldn’t help but think about that throughout the day.
Well, I’ve covered everything from fermentation to erotica to Jesus. I think that should just about do it.


2 thoughts on “Wine Tasting

  1. loperfamily says:

    eroica is my FAVE reisling (but i tend to like them all) – so so so yummy! they have a seasonal moscato that you can only get through their wine club that is delish too. also those are some awesome thoughts on water to blood/wine. i like the way you think 🙂

  2. jen allen says:

    One. Love that I just got a quick education on wine tasting.
    Two. I like red wine better too.
    Three. I read eroica as erotica at first. Oops.
    Four. I never thought about Moses’ turning water into blood and what a beautiful contrast that is between the law and grace. What wisdom you’re getting in your old age!!
    Five. And the main reason I am commenting. You are wonderful.

    the end.

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