First 5k in WA

When we first moved here I was battling a small injury that just wouldn’t go away. So after a few months of [somewhat] consistent running, I decided to enter a local 5k to celebrate being injury-free! And it was soo fun.

Oklahoma and Washington have different terrain. I miss the flat, fast courses Oklahoma has to offer! This race had a few ogres like this one to fight along the way. Not to mention a nasty gradual uphill finish. Yes, I’m whining.

Start of the race…up a hill…

See anyone scowling in pain? If not they’re hiding it.

Photos taken by the most handsome guy in the universe. Tyrel Lacey.

Okay, so I love these…the trails I most commonly run on are scattered with them. I don’t know if I’m fond of them because they’ve made my life so much easier and therefore I’ve conditioned myself to smile when I see them? Or because they’re ironically labelled “honey buckets” which cracks me up every time I think about it too long.

See? Hilarious.

Loads of them. Even more hilarious.

…I never quite grew out of my potty humor phase.

I won a $25 gift card to a running apparel store for being the first female finisher. And more importantly, I left with a sack full of free samples of coconut water (kinda gross but hey it was free), granola bars, and a banana I found that was about 2 feet long. Dang it I wish I would have taken a photo of it to show you before I ate it.

The first male finisher juggled the whole way. I don’t know if it helps him keep his rhythm or what, but it puts the rest of us to shame! The most coordinated thing I can do while running is eat jelly beans at the same time. And that’s not all that cool.

As I’m writing this I’m trying to eat white cheddar popcorn at the same time and I’m having a rough go at it. I keep having to lick my fingers to prevent the keyboard from getting sticky.

It’s my new favorite snack and has consumed an unreasonable amount of our grocery budget. (Probably because it’s me who consumes an unreasonable amount.) New technique of eating it while writing this blog post: putting some in a cup and shaking it into my mouth to its full capacity.

And because I’m already making random tangents, check put this YouTube video that had Tyrel and I rolling the other night. And if that doesn’t work just YouTube “hot pockets Jim Gaffigan beyond the pale”.




2 thoughts on “First 5k in WA

  1. loperfamily says:

    um can i be a little disgusted that you finished FIRST out of all female finishers? any thought of me being able to keep up with you just flew out the window…

  2. Ryan & Heidi Staebell says:

    So jealous of your access to a Trader Joes!

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