For Our Moms

What you and I commonly celebrate as Mother’s Day actually first started out as “Mother’s Friendship Day” during the post Civil War era. It was created to reunite families that had been divided in the Civil War. (In 1914 president Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation to raise the American flag on Mother’s Day in order to honor the mothers whose sons died in war…just an interesting fact worth sharing.)

Tyrel and I enjoy the idea of celebrating “Mother’s Friendship Day” a lot. We both agree we have been blessed with two of the best moms one could ask for, and now, in adulthood, we have two of the best friends one could ask for. So today we’re celebrating not just the maternal aspect of the holiday but the friendship aspect as well!

One of the many things Cheryl (Tyrel’s mom) has instilled in him, is the ability to make the best out of any situation. In a recent interview he was asked “what was one valuable thing instilled in you early on in life that you’ve carried with you?” And Tyrel said “my mom taught me that every morning, when you wake up, you have a choice as to whether or not you want to impact those around you in a positive way or not. Despite what may be going on in your own life. You still have a choice.” I’m thankful she taught him that because I’ve seen how its benefitted us not only in our marriage but in the community we leave in and people we spend our time with. That lesson truly has stuck with him and still impacts how he makes decisions to this day! Cheryl is truly a remarkable person and mother. After all, she did put up with a very ornery son all those years…

My mom (Lisa) has taught me so much that she may not even realize she’s taught me, because most of it has been by example. She taught me to be able to laugh at myself when I screw up, or “let things go” when they don’t go as planned. When I would throw a fit when she’d say “no” to things that I’d want to do or have, she would tell me in her sweet southern drawl, “the world doesn’t revolve around you, honey.” I hated it when she’d say that. But she was right. The world isn’t all about what I want and the purpose of my life isn’t even to pursue those things that I want, either. It’s about following Christ and your life being centered around him. Most certainly not myself.

This is a great example of my mom cutting loose and having the ability to laugh at herself…

Here I believe we are supposed to be acting out what we’d do if we just discovered spiders had laid eggs in our mouths and noses…

Thanks, moms, for raising us. For telling us our art projects were actually good when they weren’t, for all those band aids you placed on our arms and legs didn’t actually need one but just made the critical injury “feel better.” Thanks for all the soccer games and track meets you sat through in the rain and wind just to show support and make us feel loved. And thanks for instilling life lessons in us that we’ve carried with us on into our grown-up lives. Most importantly, thanks for showing us grace when we didn’t deserve it. We love you!



2 thoughts on “For Our Moms

  1. loperfamily says:

    this was great my friend 🙂 even better because of the AWESOME photos you included 😉

  2. Peggy Mills says:

    A precious tribute!

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