Queso Ice Cream

Tyrel has been running some lately…willingly! 🙂 It’s hard not to when there are so many beautiful trails to run on and such consistent weather. This particular event took place a few weeks ago but I think it’s worth mentioning…

The story goes – one day Tyrel asks, “do you think I could run a 5:30 mile?” Well, I’m honest to a fault sometimes, so my initial answer was “nope!” Followed by something a bit more encouraging like, “I think you can do most things and do them quite well, but off of literally no training, no. I do not think you can run a 5:30 mile. Plus if you could, that would be an insult to the rest of us who actually work hard to achieve that.” Ty is competitive by nature, obviously. The guy is good at everything and it’s honestly not fair and sometimes I pout about it. So me saying “no” really got him fired up!

We were at the track literally the next day, timer in hand.

…This was the “before” photo as we got coffee. Excitement? Apathy? Dread? Focus? “I can’t believe I agreed to this” face? You decide.

…such determination.

…doing drills to warm up.
The final time was 5:58. Amazing and totally not fair. Even though I won our tiny little bet we had going on, I was hoping for something at least closer to 8 minutes. For someone to just run that on a whim is pretty dang impressive.
It’s been fun going for runs together lately. I know he’ll join me just to keep me company even though there are probably a million things he would rather be doing. “Yeah like eating donuts” he says, ha. A couple days ago he thought it would be fun to see if he could run for 70 minutes. So what did he do? Ran for 70 minutes. And then literally drove straight to Krispy Kreme! Haha no lie.
I’m thankful his knees allow him to do that now. A couple years ago that would not have been possible!
Oh yeah…and look at what we discovered…

It’s cheese flavored ice cream.

A friend of ours is from the Philippines and when we were over at his house the other night, he brings out this ice cream without the label and asks us to try it and guess what the flavor is. Despite it being yellow, I thought it tasted like pistachio ice cream. It kind of had a sweet nutty flavor. But I couldn’t explain the very tiny chewy bits that had a slight saltiness to them. I just knew I liked it. Tyrel liked it too. Then, when he told us it was cheese flavored, I kind of wanted to gag for a second but got past it. (Didn’t want to be rude.) You can find it at International food markets and apparently it’s a very popular flavor! I think we’d both eat it again if it were offered. The best part was when just after he told us the flavor, we look over to see our friend Mike nonchalantly spreading the cheese ice cream on a cracker. Pretty hilarious.

I do realize I post about random things sometimes. But I promised several people I would maintain a blog so people can see what we’re up to on a semi-regular basis. So because I keep my promises, and because I don’t specialize in recipe creating, home decorating, or child-rearing, this is what is produced! Just random things because that’s our life. And the purpose of this blog is to share our life with you. Because I don’t specialize in the aforementioned categories, perhaps I specialize in something awesome and I just don’t know it yet. Right now if I could choose something to specialize in it would probably be a toss up between playing the didgeridoo and taxidermy.

Have a great week! Go get some ice cream.


3 thoughts on “Queso Ice Cream

  1. Tim Mally says:

    You guys are some running fiends! I started to get into running with some co-workers but found out from the knee doctor that my right meniscus is pretty much gone and so now I am moving to biking. I hope to see you guys some time soon! Keep the posts coming.

    • lanalacey1 says:

      Tim, Tyrel is mourning the loss of your meniscus in a sincerely sympathetic sort of way. He can relate for sure! 1) I hope you’re not having any pain. 2) I can totally see you getting into biking and I love it. 3) Now you have an authentic “stanky leg” to amaze us with! Come visit.

      • Tim Mally says:

        Yep I am scouring the market for a new bike, and I think Riverside will have plenty of beautiful days to help me get into and love biking. Hopefully I will get some time to come up and visit you guys – I would love to see the area and would also like to share my truly “stanky” leg to you both!

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