Lewis & Clark

This is not at all a rant, and I have been guilty of it myself at times, but I have recently taken notice of the fact that the things people Facebook/tweet/blog/pin are generally portraying the best version of themselves and their lives. I could be incorrect, but that just seems like a false representation of reality. And it leads people to make comparisons, develop misconceptions, and make sweeping generalizations about what everyone else’s life must be like. (Just an observation.)

So in response to that observation, today I am blogging about my feet. My battered, slightly masculine, calloused feet.

This is actually quite a flattering angle of them, believe it or not.

I am full of imperfections both “inwardly” and “outwardly” in nature, but my feet are admittedly grotesque and altogether a hideous sight to behold. Please take notice of how little flesh I have on the top of my second toes. This is from when my second toes used to be longer than my big toe…until years’ worth of countless cycles of blistering-callousing finally made them the same length as the big guys.

I have bunions that my sister, Cara, has wittily/appropriately named “Lewis & Clark.” If you look closely, I grow hair on the top of my feet. Like a hobbit. Awesome.

“Lewis” appears to be developing a blister underneath the callous. Cute.

This is what I look like when I wake up in the morning.

These are Tyrel’s feet.

Due to a tragic incident involving Tyrel jumping off of a playground apparatus after his mom told him not to (and hiding the result of that act from her…his broken pinky toe) it now is stuck like that. Hovering off of the ground like it’s too good for the other toes. Accompanying his outcast pinky toe are scratches where his Chaco straps rub.

I know what you’re thinking. Our kids’ feet are DOOMED.

Anyway, I have to say that I myself have had moments of weakness where social media downright makes me feel discontent and insecure. And the last thing I want to do is maintain a blog that’s guilty of misrepresenting our lives and leading others to believe something that’s inaccurate. By striving for personal perfection and making it the “ultimate”, we are, in a sense, acting as though we can serve as our own god. Which is false because we can’t and weren’t created to. And not to mention it’s impossible to achieve the outcome we desire – tight control over our lives and our own happiness.

Tyrel and I have gotten better (by grace) at accepting our shortcomings and failures. Because through them, we’re reminded of the One who is perfect, loves us in spite of our imperfections, and is reconciling all things to Himself for His glory. It helps me chill out a little and quit striving so hard for unattainable goals because the “race has already been won” so to speak.

If you want to read about a couple’s perfect life to reassure you of your hopes that a “perfect life” is out there somewhere, and you think you’ll perhaps find your reassurance on Tillage, I would kindly point your attention elsewhere. Because you won’t find it on here. And if somehow I’ve lead you to believe our lives are perfect, I’m sincerely sorry for that. And please – call me out on it! Because if that’s so, this blog has fallen short of what I originally created it to be which is merely a glimpse into our life together as it is…not as how we wish it to be.

Hey, just keepin’ it real.

Here’s to not “putting our best foot forward”…because between Tyrel and I, there is no “best foot.” 😉


4 thoughts on “Lewis & Clark

  1. Sherri Mills says:

    I tune in, because your my niece,and because I’m always curious about “what will she write about next?” It’s also better than grabbing a book off the shelf for a afternoon read. Your blogs are much more fun and entertaining. This blog proves my point. Also…it’s non-fiction! I’m inspired by your photos,but I’ll keep hoping that no one,I mean no one ever gets a picture of Auntie without her make up. haha…and never of her feet. My feet make your and Ty’s feet look picture perfect. :>) Love you !!!!!

  2. jen allen says:

    if I could add a photo of my feet and my crazy heel spurs I would. Just to add to the realness. Thanks for keeping it real. I love you a lot.

  3. April Morrison says:

    You never fall to make me smile and usually LOL!
    I miss you around here and I have huge ugly feet too!

  4. Peggy Mills says:

    Honey….YOUR A WRITER!!!!! And I love your feet!!!

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