Tolt MacDonald Park

Tyrel and I had the opportunity to go camping over Memorial Day weekend. A friend had recommended Tolt MacDonald Park because it’s only 30 minutes away from where we live and it feels like you’re in a totally different part of the state!

Camping is our go-to activity when we have time to get away. Even though you never sleep quite as well as you do at home, Tyrel and I both agreed that there’s just something about camping that rejuvenates you in a different kind of way.

The little things I love about camping are:

  • My sleeping bag. If there truly is such a thing as a “happy place”, my sleeping bag is mine.
  • French-pressed coffee made with boiled water from a rolling creek.
  • Not having a timeline in which to do things. Hiking and exploring when it’s light out, and playing backgammon with our head lamps on when it’s dark.
  • Having an excuse to pee in the woods and not bathe for a couple days. Kiiiind of unladylike buuuut true nonetheless.
  • Long underwear. You may call it long johns, cuddle duds, or simply a “base layer.” You know what I’m talking about. I have a SmartWool set that I wear the heck out of. They’re useful for a base layer when skiing, yes. But to wear by themselves is simply magical. (I would go to cocktail parties and graduations in my long underwear if I could.) When I’m wearing just my long underwear I instinctively have to dance around for just a second after putting them on…spastically wiggling my arms and legs in a frenzy of comfort and celebration.

Pretty amazing. Definitely planning on going back with friends this summer if possible. Maybe rent a yurt or two and stay for a while. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay in a place like this?!


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