This post may, in fact, amuse me more in writing it than it does you in reading it.

It’s about some wild berries I discovered.

I was out on a long trail run the other day when I passed some tall bushes that had these beautiful berries growing on them that closely resembled a cross between a raspberry and blackberry. At first I thought they were under-ripe blackberries, so I stopped abruptly and ate some. I was hungry and it seemed like a good idea.

It turned out to be fine, but in retrospect, it is admittedly a terrible idea to eat unidentified berries. (I could have ended up like the guy on the movie Into the Wild…great movie, even better soundtrack, sad ending.)


It looks delicious right?

The next day I saw a man had pulled over on the side of the road who was picking them and putting them into Tupperware containers! So I stopped and asked him what it was he was picking and he said “salmonberries!” (Aha! That’s what they’re called!) My next question: “Are they edible?!” His response: “Oh, yes!” …in a very professor-sounding tone. He proceeded to tell me the binomial nomenclature of the fruit and describe the climate they best flourish in. (Side note: anyone who knows the genus and species of the surrounding native flora has got to be trustworthy.) We had a great little convo there on the side of the road. He told me all about the pies he bakes them in etc. I was elated to learn that my mid-run snack rom the other day wasn’t going to kill me. I was even more excited to go back and pick some!

So I did.

Yep I ran 4 miles out with ziplock bags in my pockets, and ran the whole way back with them full. It was heavy and bouncy so the last couple miles I just ran with them in my hands looking like a fool.
…a fool who is making some very delicious smoothies with her Rubus spectabilis.



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