The Glennovators

Our good friends Casey and Kris Glenn came to visit us last week! Like we do with all our guests, we try to show them a good time in hopes that we’ll convince them to move here.

The night they arrived we ate at Black Bottle, a gastro-tavern in Belltown, and then headed out to a park in Queen Anne that has a spectacular view of the downtown Seattle skyline.


The next day we went to walk around the shopping district.

Casey understands my affinity for fanny packs and how awesome they are.


“Bedazzled” fanny pack. Shameful. The only reason to buy it would be to burn it. A disgrace to all fanny packs.

We passed Westlake Center where an artist with the last name Dimipoulos had painted the trees blue to bring attention to deforestation. In a recent interview he said his motivation for doing so was because “trees are the lungs of the world.”

See the bronze and silver human statues? At first I thought it was going to be some performance art project and they were going to come alive and dance for us. I was disappointed to learn they weren’t real people.

It just happened to be the day of the last game in the NBA playoffs. Tyrel and I thought we’d show our support around Seattle and proudly wear our Thunder shirts.

People are bitter down to the core about the Sonics. I’m convinced people actually take it personally. We ruffled a lot of feathers that day! Lots of people shaking their heads at us and giving us dirty looks.

…doing stuff like this certainly didn’t help!

We like to think Dimipoulos is secretly a Thunder fan which is the real reason why he painted the trees blue. The whole “deforestation” thing was just a ruse.


Lunchtime. We learned Casey had never had salmon before so we took them to Ivars down by the water. They serve some mean fish & chips mmmm.

“Acres of clams!”
We walked in wearing our shirts, clearly Thunder fans, and the hostess goes “you’re lucky we’ll even seat you here.” I kept waiting for a smile or a “just kidding” but she graced us with neither. Deep down I think she was just another bitter Sonics fan giving us a hard time, but she kept going on and on about it! It was annoying! So as she escorted us to our table I said with a friendly smile, “keep making comments like that and it will come out of your tip!” Not very nice. But it felt good to say.
The food was delicious and the view – beautiful. The manager made it an interesting dining experience. He, too, took notice of our shirts and “came over to give us a hard time”…which he did. Overall, it was all in fun jest, and Kris and Tyrel seemed to enjoy it. I just sat quietly eating clam dip and biting my tongue. We got a free appetizer, though!
I’m sure someone along the way spit in our food!
The seagulls outside of the restaurant were swooping down and eating fries directly out of kids’ hands, so Kris came up with a brilliant idea…

We walked around Fremont after that, getting some samples from Theo’s chocolate factory, and went to pay our respects to the Fremont troll under the bridge.

And finished the day at the Newcastle Country Club watching the Thunder play the Heat! It was fun despite the loss.

If you look closely you can see the Seattle skyline and Lake Washington in the background. It’s a beautiful mountaintop view on a clear day like this. The photo really doesn’t do it justice.

We had a great time with Kris and Casey! 2 days was too short, but there will hopefully be more in the future.


Love you, Glenn family!



One thought on “The Glennovators

  1. Risa says:

    “not very nice. but it felt good to say.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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