Mary’s Bridal Shower

(I'm pretty behind on blog posts! We have been crazy busy these last few weeks and I can't believe how fast time seems to be flying. So, here's what went down at the end of June!…)

My good friend, Mary, got married on July 4th! Her husband, Mark, is also a good friend of Tyrel and I's. They chose July 4th “so there will always be fireworks.” Clever!

So at the end of June, we celebrated Mary today by showering her with gifts for her honeymoon and just having an all-around great time. (Mary is in the turquoise.)

Fancy shmancy stuff.
Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing.

Ham placed in muffin tins and baked with an egg and white cheddar cheese inside. Delicious. I'm telling you…these women are legit.

Someone brought their son. What a good little guy! Just hanging' out! I creepily snapped a photo of him.

The many faces as she opened gifts…

Here was her opening my gift and laughing at some of the goodies inside…

I tried to make her feel as uncomfortable as possible and I can proudly say…I believe I succeeded. 🙂 There's not much that is more unifying at a party, than each attendee laughing hysterically and bashfully at the same time. I love these types of social interactions. And I love my friend Mary even more! Thanks for having thick skin and a great sense of humor!

Congratulations, Mark and Mary!



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