July 4th

What better way than to spend Independence Day with family, and spending time outside in as beautiful of a place as Seattle?

My aunt, Sherri, had us over to her new place on Mercer Island for hot dogs and homemade sangria. We spent the evening in each others’ company sitting on the balcony in the sunshine catching up on life, and hanging out on the water.

This amazing sailboat belongs to her neighbor.

…who owns this lovely home that I wouldn’t mind house-sitting for!…

Sherri and my grandma whom I refer to as “Peppy.” Such amazing women!

We’re goofing around. He didn’t fall in…Lake Washington is a bit chilly right now seeing as how it hasn’t been higher than 80 degrees yet.
As we were leaving I couldn’t help but snap a photo of these flowers…

…I’m not sure what this is but these are everywhere here! They grow wildly, I think. I’m probably showing you a picture of a weed or something. But either way, isn’t it cool?

It doesn’t get dark until 9:30 or 10:00 right now. So we waited quite a while for fireworks! We watched them from Newcastle Golf Course. Amazing site to behold because we could see fireworks for miles! I was too “in awe” and didn’t snap any photos of the show. That’s what I get for trying to live in the moment.

But here’s a photo of our view!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


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