Chronicles of Summer: part 1

I do realize I haven't posted anything in ages. But there's a reason! It's summer here! So as you can imagine, Tyrel and I have spent very little time inside. I am loving Seattle's summer. The temperature usually hovers in the mid to upper 70s.

Things noteworthy about our summers here:

  1. Very few people have air conditioners, so our “air conditioner” is opening all the windows and doors. In Oklahoma, without a cooling system, I think I would have died. So this concept is still so new to me.
  2. There are so few bugs! The only “bugs” to note are the countless slugs I encounter on the sidewalks after a good rain. I'm always having to dodge them when I'm out on a run, for fear of tripping over their slime trails.
  3. Wild animals just hang out in backyards and neighborhoods. I've encountered deer everywhere it seems like. I even found a bat on our front porch yesterday! I was lacing up my runners on the porch, just admiring the view, when I reached down to pick up my Garmin and there was what appeared to be rodent of some sort. I thought it was a tiny odd-looking mouse, so I did what any normal human would do…I kicked it…and that's when it spread it's wings and hissed at me! Luckily I had already laced up, so I immediately took off running! So bizarre.

Why am I sitting here blogging when it's still so beautiful outside? I have a really terrible sinus infection and have nothing else to do. So today, to “tame the wild bull” as Tyrel calls it, he has provided me an endless supply of gummy candy and forbid me to do anything other than blog and watch “Swamp People” (my current fascination) on Netflix. So here I am!

Our summer started out with a vacation to Montana and Wyoming with the Lacey's! It was a vacation to remember for sure. We took countless photos that are on my Facebook page if you wish to view the entire album. It's right here.

And the best part was seeing David and Autum get hitched!

We celebrated Adi's second birthday with our good friends Anu and Kumar.

He's precious! He loves Elmo, he sings along to songs by Queen and Johny Cash, and loathes getting his hands dirty.

Anu and I…

Summer was off to a great start as we spent lots of quality time with family and friends.

Soon after Adi's birthday party, we went to my aunt's house with Jenn, Amy, and Kristie to watch the Blue Angels perform over Lake Washington! It was pretty remarkable what they could do!

As you can see, there were so many boats out on the water that day.

Amy and Kristie…great gals.

Ty got some great photos of the show! Here are a few of my favorites…

Taking a nose-dive.
…flying so close together!
The group minus Tyrel, who insisted on being the photographer for the day.
Us with Aunt Sherri.
I got hot and decided to jump in the water to cool off, and convinced Amy and Sherri to do the same. Notice the look of hesitation…
Stay tuned for more tomorrow!



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