Chronicles of Summer: part 2

Heidi and Ryan Staebell came to visit! Tyrel and I have been friends with Ryan for a long time – such an awesome guy! And naturally he fell in love with, and married, a super awesome girl! Her name is Heidi and she's probably one of the coolest girls I know. Together, as you would expect, they make a rock-solid couple.

It was their first time to Seattle, so while they were here we went to Pike Place Market, walked around Fremont, visited the troll under the bridge, experienced Theo's Chocolate Factory, Kerry Park, and movie night at the Redhook Brewery. We also listened to live music at a park in Newcastle, but unfortunately, I was too busy enjoying myself to take pictures of everything we did. But here are a few!

Walking around Fremont…

Redhook Brewery movie night! Just happened to be Talladega Nights πŸ™‚
A random guy behind us publically proposing to his girlfriend! We all yelled “shake and bake, baby!” It only seemed appropriate.
Kerry Park…
We spent an evening with Eric and Marisa Loper doing what we typically do at the Lopers…act like kids!
They had some old soda pop cans that had expired, so we did what any normal person would do. Hit them with a baseball bat and watch them explode! I like to think of this as a very “green” form of entertainment. I mean, we recycled the cans afterward! (I think?)
We just supported from the sidelines laughing and cheering and being thankful we weren't the ones getting covered with expired, sticky, corn syrup from hot soda cans.
I would say most of our time with the Staebells was spent convincing them of all the reasons why they should move here…in careful subtlety, of course.
Hopefully seeds were planted and they move here eventually! πŸ˜‰

One thought on “Chronicles of Summer: part 2

  1. Ryan Staebell says:

    Despite being sick part of the time (sorry!) that was one of the best vacations! Love you guys and greatly enjoyed our time together. Seeds were definitely planted on some good soil…we shall see if there is proper watering and sunlight to cause a full bloom πŸ™‚

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