Although the last several posts have had Tyrel's photo next to them, it's been me (Lana) who has been writing the posts. We're trying to fix that at the moment.

Guys, I'm at a stagnate place when it comes to blogging. For some reason, I haven't been as motivated to post as I recently have been. I think that's because I often post photos and “updates” because I feel like that is the most entertaining, and probably what you follow this blog for. And although I like posting photos of what Tyrel and I are doing, it often feels narcissistic. I've never really enjoyed talking extensively about my own life, but feel as though I owe to close friends and family for moving so far away or something…(?)

Somehow in relation to that, lately I'm learning that I often have the least patience with people when it comes to superficiality. Probably because authenticity is something I'm growing in appreciation for in my own life.

Here are the thoughts I have regarding the subject that float around in my head like ping pong balls:

  1. I do want to continue posting photos of what we're doing, minus me feeling superficial or that “what we're doing” is somehow all that matters.
  2. I don't want this blog to turn into an online journal of sorts. The whole wide world having access to what goes on in my heart and mind just doesn't seem like a good idea. In fact, I'm quivering at the mere thought of it.

So I'm reaching out to you for your feedback. My email address is Some posts are likely more personal than others, and some have had loads of photos as the majority of the post. What have been your favorite posts? Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated and welcomed.

I don't ask for feedback to find out how I can please the greatest number of people, but because I myself am trying to determine which way I want Tillage to go. And perhaps by inviting in some good healthy dialogue I can more easily figure that out.

Thanks, guys!




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