72 hours in OKC

Tyrel and I had the privilege of visiting our families in Oklahoma a couple weeks ago and while it was a short trip, we managed to pack a lot into just a few days.

Prior to leaving, I had been battling a sinus infection, and the idea of flying sounded terrible, because I feared my head may explode like a sledgehammer to a watermelon. So I had spent a lot of time juicing to get rid of the produce in our fridge, but mainly to pack as much vitamin-filled fluid in me as possible.

What I juiced…

End result…

I don't always just things for the taste. Primarily the health benefit. So let me just be honest – this tasted pretty dang awful.

But the flight was alright!

The primary reason we flew down was to be a part of Tyrel's older sister and brother-in-law's wedding reception. And somehow I was unable to get any photos of the happy couple. But here are a few others…


My immediate family, minus Cooper and Tyrel.

Cara and Ryan. Love 'em.
Dancing is always such a fun part of wedding receptions. And the Lacey's are not too shy to dance – another one of those things I really love about being a Lacey.
Mom and Dad (Kelley parents) dancing.
Uncle Larry and Aunt Janice dancing. Uncle Larry walks with a cane but doesn't need it when Aunt Janice is in the mood to dance. ๐Ÿ™‚
They've been married longer than both Tyrel and I's years on this earth put together.
And the next morning the family all had brunch together at Cafe do Brazil to see each other one last time before we all departed and went our separate ways home.
Had to get a photo with Grandpa and Jean! The most loving, supportive, and adventurous grandparents one could ask for. (I am so blessed to have married into this family.)

More family!

(Don't they look great?!)

(Man, blog posts take forever to write when I choose to include so much stuff. Maybe you should divide this into parts and take a potty break before you go cross-eyed or develop pressure ulcers on your butt from sitting so long. If this really is that captivating and intriguing I am not responsible for your wet carpet or sore rump.)
Onward! ๐Ÿ™‚
One of Cooper's high school cross country meets just happened to fall on the Friday we were there. I.was.so.excited.
It thrills me to watch my siblings “do their thing”, so to speak.
So I did what any crazy normal big sister would do. I made a shirt!
Aaaaand I sprinted around the course finding obscure places to hide out and cheer for him in various locations. I really tried to tone my enthusiasm down to a socially acceptable level and I think I did okay…but I did have a hoarse rasp in my voice that night.
And I got to see and run with my great friend, Heather!

And we just happened to be wearing matching outfits?!?! Weird.

I love her.

Seeing my cousin, Jared, run was just an added bonus!

As always, being with close friends and family is always such a tremendous blessing that I all-too-often took for granted when we lived closer. There were so many moments Tyrel sat and thought to ourselves, “what have we done to deserve this?!” And that's just it…we've done nothing. It's sheer Grace.

Very thankful!


2 thoughts on “72 hours in OKC

  1. Debbie Maulsby says:

    I love your pics Lana–and your family!!

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