RSP #1

[“RSP #1″ is special secret code for…”Random Subject Post #1.” Because turning things into functional acronyms makes me feel like a secret agent.]

Let’s talk about leggings today. Wearing leggings as pants.

A couple weeks ago, I allowed myself to “rant” via my facebook status. My status simply stated, “Leggings are NOT pants.” And those who know me personally know that I don’t take facebook very seriously. Especially status updates. Right now, during election season, there are a lot of politically-driven status updates. Do I think facebook is the place for that? Of course not. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t often enjoy the banter that takes place. Especially when people get really worked up and have “comment wars” (as I like to call them) on their facebook walls.

I guess on this particular day a couple weeks ago, I thought I’d start a little banter of my own. Taking what seems to be a very popular fashion trend at the moment, inserting my opinion, and making “not” in all caps just to add fuel to the flame of controversy.

I know you’re thinking, “Lana, why on earth are you blogging about this subject matter?” The answer is:

1. It’s my blog. And I want to. 😉

2. A friend challenged me with the idea of choosing a random topic and blogging about it. So this is me living up to the challenge. We all know I have a flair for nonsense and quirk so why not talk about leggings?

3. I have mono. The fever is melting my brain causing me to behave irrationally and communicate impulsively.

So here’s what I think regarding wearing leggings as pants. I honestly don’t care what people wear (within reason.) Just know that when you wear certain things, it makes me unexplainably frustrated and I don’t know why. If I see someone wearing leggings as pants I become enraged and want to set them ablaze. When I mean “leggings as pants”…let me first clarify. If you’re wearing leggings underneath a dress, underneath an over-sized sweater, or even under a really long shirt, I don’t necessarily consider that the same thing. That, to me, is just like wearing stockings or pantyhose or something.

…This is not the same thing as…


…or THIS.

Women have been wearing pantyhose underneath dresses etc. for a very long time, right? Leggings seem no different. Just warmer or something. So when I talk about wearing leggings and pants, I mean wearing leggings as PANTS. (As seen in photos above.)

I really have no argument to stand on. I do realize this. Especially because I have been known to wear the running tights I ran in that morning out to the grocery store simply because I didn’t want to dirty up more laundry before I had the chance to shower. So like I said, I have no argument to stand on whatsoever. I just don’t like it. I mean, if you can wake up and choose what you put on, why would you choose leggings over pants? Are you on your way to yoga ALL.DAY.LONG? Are all your pants dirty? Are you allergic to denim? In some cases, it’s visually assaulting, but in most cases it’s just annoying. People have worn much, much worse in the past. But some things just get under my skin sometimes. Like wearing nike shorts with Ugg boots. Or mini skirts with leg warmers and flip flops. It’s mostly the impractical things that get to me, I suppose. When people wear nike shorts with Ugg boots I get so unexplainably enraged in frustration that I want to set them ablaze. (Okay, not really. I just wanted to exaggerate for a second because it felt good.)

And that’s really all I have to say. If you’re offended, don’t be. I do not sit on the fashion throne of authority…trust me!

Hooray for controversy and God Bless America.

**This post is dedicated to my sister, Cara Kelley. The most fashionable person I know. 


[Message I received yesterday from a very dear friend of mine who inspired this post.]

“firstly, and most importantly, i need you to know that i think of you SO often at the moment because i wear leggings as pants EVERY DAY. like right now i’m wearing snake skin leggings with moccasins and a black tank top. i will argue that, living in bv, they are both functional and stylish (somewhat) in that i can go to yoga, change ONLY my shirt, and head to work. magic. i should write a blog post about this. secondly, i want you to know that i really like your blog. and i would like to hear more in it about what’s really going on in your brain/heart, the stuff that you’re processing, because i imagine that it’s brilliant and plus you’ve got a lot of extra time right now, eh sicky?”

So, by request, more posts to follow regarding “what’s really going on in [my] brain/heart, [and] the stuff that [I’m] processing.” I would really enjoy having a reason to write about that. If I don’t post something like that soon…hold me to it!


2 thoughts on “RSP #1

  1. Marisa says:

    so i may have gone out in what most would call leggings tonight…but they were lulu tights that i normally run in. did i break the leggings as pants rule? (i had a soccer t-shirt on top). aaaaand you haven’t lived her long enough to bash the uggs & shorts thing. you will own uggs now that you live in pnw (if you don’t already). and there is a pretty good chance you’ll wear them with something you never would have dreamed of wearing before :D. you love me.

  2. Sherri says:

    This blog made me re-evaluate my wardrobe…….. :>)

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