It has been a chilly, rainy day here in Seattle, so Tyrel and I decided to have a “chill day.” Besides enjoying some time outside this morning, going to church, and running a couple errands, we’ve just been hanging out! In fact, most Sundays we turn our phones off and try not to put anything on the calendar for that day just so we can rejuvenate for the upcoming week and spend time together. It’s awesome. I love Sundays for this reason. So today we’ve been playing very competitive games of cards, cooking, and eating no-bake cookies with spoons. Yes…”spoons”…because queen of the kitchen over here (myself) followed the recipe exactly but they still came out super gooey. (Maybe they were supposed to?) Anyways, so now we’re both on a sugar high and loving life.

“Chill days” often involve listening to lots of music, or at least having it in the background as we do other things. So here are just a couple “ear tickles” (as I like to call them) that we really enjoy. If you enjoy music, and appreciate the skill and artistry involved in creating it, you will undoubtedly love these videos.

This first link is a guy playing the cello and beatboxing at the same time. (Talk about multi-tasking!) It’s so cool.

This link is a clip of a really great guitarist and vocalist, John Butler, playing one of the most insane instrumental guitar pieces I’ve ever heard. Truly incredible. 

Sometimes fine artistry just needs to be shared and appreciated, ya know? Speaking of creativity being shared, my family has some pretty talented artists and musicians. Unfortunately, those genes weren’t “shared” with me! I mean, I do have the ability to make farting noises with my mouth that are uncannily realistic, but the art of fake flatulence is a talent that’s better appreciated in person. Sorry to disappoint you by not posting a video of that. 

I hope you’ve been able to relax today in preparation for a new week! I also hope you enjoyed the videos 🙂


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