Date Night in Capitol Hill

Ty and I have a date night every couple of weeks. We started doing this the first month we were married, not because it’s hard to schedule alone time together, but because we know once we have kids someday (far, far off in the future) it will be more difficult to form a new rhythm in our lives that involves just the two of us. So date nights are really important to us because we want to get into the habit of doing that now. But seeing as how there are no Lacey Loons running around yet, basically every night is a date night for us in one way or another. (Being married to your best friend is awesome!) The really fantastic part is that Tyrel plans most of our dates. Not because it’s “his job”, but because he’s always so excited to show me love in that way that he plans something and seals the deal before I even have a forethought as to what I would like to plan for him. He knows me super well…I really enjoy going to restaurants that have something unique about them. So, on this particular night a couple weeks ago, he planned a date night for us to go to the restaurant Poppy in Capitol Hill.



It serves thali. Have you ever heard of it?

“Thali” is Hindi meaning “plate”. It’s an Indian meal made of a selection of various dishes – usually a bunch of small dishes served in one big round tray. Depending on the restaurant (or the region if you’re in India) the thali consists of delicacies native to that region. So I guess here in Seattle, all the food served was local? Who knows. All I know is that it was delicious.

This is what we ordered…

Which was served to us like this…


It was deeeelicious!

I totally felt like “that girl” taking photos of what she was eating. Sorry if the photos aren’t the best. I was trying to be discrete.

Afterwards, we sauntered along on Broadway for kicks…and because we’re wild and on date nights there’s no bedtime. Holla!

Only in Seattle would you find a prepared foods store that’s strictly local. Love it.

Keep in mind, on Capitol Hill, basically anything flies. Nothing is “offensive” or “shameful”. It just is what it is. It’s “freedom of expression” manifested in all sorts of ways. From wall murals lining the streets, from rainbow flags hanging in apartment windows, to unique music and vocal talent being performed by the guy in dreads wearing tattered clothing who is way too talented to appear so homeless and must have millions tucked away in his guitar case somewhere because he’s just that good.

With that said, this caught my eye in a shop window.

Quite possibly the most awesome Halloween costume ever. (Guys, I don’t know why I find certain things so amusing/humorous). As we walked past, Tyrel turned around in response to my enthusiastic pointing and wide-grinned expression, only to muster the type of smile that says “I’m trying really hard to smile but I kind of want to throw up.” Halloween costumes should be creative, amusing, and slightly frightening all at the same time…and I just feel like this is all three! Brilliance.

So that was our date night! If you can find a nearby restaurant that serves thali, I would recommend paying it a visit. It’s worth the experience.




3 thoughts on “Date Night in Capitol Hill

  1. ashley aitken says:

    Hahahahahha got my costume sorted. Cheers for the idea xx

  2. Laura M says:

    For a minute I thought you guys were in DC and I was sad you didn’t tell us. That’s the only Capitol Hill around here!

  3. Sherri says:

    I think I would have lost my “Thali” after seeing that Halloween costume…lol

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