Just…grateful. :)

It’s been about a month (or so?) since I found out I have mono, and I must say, I have the best family and friends ever! It’s easy to feel a bit discouraged when your body won’t allow you to do the things you want to do, and despite telling myself that it could be much, much worse, it’s still just kind of frustrating at times. And my family seems to understand how difficult it must be, because not a day has gone by that I haven’t felt encouraged by someone in one way or another.

One of Tyrel’s grandmothers, “Grandy”, (who has been a nurse longer than I’ve been alive) knows just about every home remedy there is to know. When she learned that I had a terribly sore throat and lymph nodes the size of watermelons, she sent Ty a recipe for a concoction that she’s been using for decades to help ease sore throats. It consists of vinegar, water, cayenne pepper, and salt…heated up in the microwave…and each mouthful to be gargled for about 5-10 seconds.

It tastes dreadful. But it works.

I mean dreadful. The worst part was when I’d accidentally swallow a bit. (Thanks, Ty, for capturing the essence of my misery! haha)

My mom sent up some supplements that also helped! Along with a candy corn/salted peanut mixture. She’s always had a candy jar full of it when October rolls around. A little taste of home 🙂 Needless to say, those got eaten before I even had the time to photograph them.

Ty has been making sure that A) the housework is done before I have a chance to complete the chores myself and B) making sure the fridge is stocked with fresh fruits and veggies for juicing.

I received pretty awesome cards from Tyrel’s other grandma, and my other sister Autum. (Okay, she’s my “sister-in-law”, but only “technically”. Definitely more like a sister.)

Then my Lacey set of parents sent me such a sweet package. Bob and I share the same affinity for licorice, and he introduced me to what has now become one of my favorite brands. They also sent the movie “ET” because when Ty was younger that was always his movie of choice when he was at home sick. (Even just as I’m writing this I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for how wonderful my family is. It’s pretty humbling because I certainly don’t deserve their kindness and generosity in the way it’s been so thoughtfully shown over the last few weeks!)

As soon as I felt like I could have “an outing”, my grandma and aunt took Ty and I out to dinner…my meal tasted oh so good. I’ve never felt so nourished by a big juicy hamburger and french fries! I envisioned the villi in my intestines doing “the wave” out of excitement. If my innards could smile they definitely were.

We went back to Aunt Sherri’s house afterwards and she surprised me with a “mono cake” as she called it. 🙂 For no reason, really. It certainly wasn’t a celebratory type of cake just more of an “I know the magnitude of your sweet tooth and I love you and I want you to feel better” type of cake. And it did make me feel better!

Then, of course, a lot of time has been spent FaceTiming people back home since I haven’t left the house as much. My mom and sister sure know how to make me smile!!

Why not FaceTime with fake mustaches drawn on?! AWESOME. 🙂

See? I truly have a great the best family ever. Thanks so much for making me feel so loved! I really can’t thank you enough.


One thought on “Just…grateful. :)

  1. ashley aitken says:

    I did not know u had mono love. Hope u are doing better now. Miss u xxx

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