Friday things.

I wish I could show you the beauty that has been Washington in the last month of my life. But alas, I have taken no photos to share with you. This post is alllll words. [So maybe if I divide all my words into sections with numbers preceding the words, it will keep your interest. Better yet, how about roman numerals?!]

I. Lemme tell ya…I don’t think I have ever experienced a more beautiful fall in my entire life! The great thing about this area, is that there is such a balanced mix of both deciduous and coniferous trees. The deciduous trees turn all different glorious shades of color, and we are able to enjoy the beauty for a  brief 6 weeks or so before the leaves color the ground with their grandeur. But then, just when you think all the life has fallen off of the branches and blown away, there are still the beautiful, luscious, green coniferous trees that smell like Christmas. Allthetime alldayeveryday. It’s fantastic. Oh holy chlorophyll guys I suuuure do love it.

II. With the transition into fall, coupled with daylight savings, it is now basically pitch black by 6:00 p.m. It feels like the sun begins to set by 3:30 but I may be exaggerating I’m not quite sure.

III. A lot of you have been asking how the whole mono thing is coming along and how I’ve been feeling; I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration. I am gradually phasing back into my normal activity level but am still not quite there yet. I still sleep 9-10 hours/night in order to feel like myself the following day. However, it is still rather difficult to judge “how much is too much” so-to-speak. Today I had the day off and it was a crisp 40 degrees and sunny out, so I decided to go for a run.

IV. Speaking of ‘said’ run, my plan was to go longer than I have been lately, but to go slow. I just wanted to be outside moving for as long as possible and enjoy the outdoors, but didn’t want to push it too hard. So I drove to a new location that I hadn’t been before that parallels I-90 (if you’re familiar with the area) and crosses over Mercer Island and Lake Washington. (Great views!) So I parked and walked to the crosswalk where another guy, probably mid-thirties, appeared to just be starting his run as well. The sign switched to the white stick figure and he took off in an almost-sprint. In a few split seconds I had reasoned that he must be sprinting because either…

A.) He has an irrational fear of getting ran over by a car. Or…

B.) He’s trying to warm up quickly because homeboy was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts (while I had on long-sleeves, a jacket, hat, gloves, and 3/4 tights.)

But as we continued along, headed in the same direction, I noticed he was no longer sprinting, but he was determining his pace according to where I was at in proximity to him. He’d glance behind him and if I was close, he’d pick up his pace until he was several paces ahead of me. Then I’d get close to him again going the saaaame consistent pace I had pre-determined in my mind to do. I was wearing my Garmin, so I knew what pace I was going. I started out running 7:30 min/mi pace just behind him, unintentionally. But then he’d slow down to 8:00 min/mi pace and I’d get close, he’d look behind him, then surge. I kept it consistent but he clearly wanted to remain ahead of me, which I found super annoying.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you’re sharing the road or a trail with someone and they want to turn it into a race. This doesn’t happen often. But when it does, for some reason, it really pushes my buttons. So homeboy kept this up for a while until I had had enough and I thought to myself, “Okay. Clearly you want to race. So I’ll race you.” And just as I had that thought a little voice in my head was saying “Laaannnaaa is that wise? Is this going to make you feel more fatigued in the days to come?”

And I totally ignored that little voice.

He saw me just behind him and his speed dropped to 7:00 min/mi pace…then 6:45…then, before I knew it, we were holding 6:15. He turns and says “holding a good pace there!” And I go, “I promise I’m not just following you. I’m headed in the same direction.” He responds, “Yeah, I’m just out running for fun. Taking it easy.” To which I reply with a half-grin “If you’re ‘taking it easy’ why are you so out of breath??” He gave me a bewildered look and I realized that was quite rude and unnecessary of me to say, but I have the not-so-nice habit of verbally putting people in their place when I feel like they need it. (Awesome quality of mine. Verrrry Christ-like. Great example setter.) Anyways, basically right after that we parted ways and my frustration subsided.

V. I believe my frustration during this circumstance was also fueled by the fact that I got a $124 speeding ticket on my way to the trailhead. It was a speed trap and I currently feel the least bit of remorse for breaking the law today. Okay that’s a lie. I may or may not have called Tyrel at work crying over the fact that I felt like a felon. I told him I got a ticket for going 12 mph over, to which he just laughed and said “that’s awesome!” It was exactly what I needed to hear because I was certainly beating myself up for it. I love my husband.

I hope you all had lots of wonderful Friday things.

[Some of you asked to see photos from my childhood costumes I mentioned on my last post “Halloween Past”, so here they are.]

1. Pippi Longstocking

2. Bag of jelly beans

3. Dead person from the Titanic


2 thoughts on “Friday things.

  1. Marisa says:

    1. it gets dark here by 4:30. what’s this 6pm business you talkin’ bout?
    2. bummer about your parking ticket 😦 speed limits suck.
    3. of course you schooled the a-hole who obviously doesn’t understand running in general because he couldn’t just ignore you and go on his merry way…ignoring you.
    4. dead person from the titanic = you are so weird. it’s probably why i like you so much 😀

    • Tlacey0208 says:

      In response to….
      1. You’re exactly right. It IS dark here by 4:30 and I realized that the day after writing the post.
      2. Watch out when driving on Newport Way. Lesson learned.
      3. I have nothing to say regarding #3, other than I loved the video you posted of Kiah making your pregnancy announcement. And we allll know he didn’t say “truck” haha. It rhymed with “spook”…if you get my drift. 😉
      4. “Birds of a feather flock together!”

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