Happy New Year!

“New Year, New You!” Just kidding.

I thought about making a New Year Resolution this year. Then remembered I can’t even be diligent enough to brush my teeth twice a day. SO here is my comprehensive list of “things to be better about but not expect myself to be perfect…at”.

1. Eat dessert after dinner. Not before.

2. Take more photos when I go places so I’ll have more to entertain you with.

3. No gross nursing stories at the dinner table.

That’s all. The small part of me that wants to “self-improve” with the rest of culture is appeased.


Tyrel and I took the “red eye” flight to Oklahoma the night of Christmas Eve to surprise my parents on Christmas morning. Alas, I have no photos to show you. I’m so bad about taking photos when I go places. (Hence #2 on previous list). It was such an amazing time spent with family and friends, though!

Here are some “tribute” photos that make us think of Oklahoma.

The Paseo district in OKC…

IMG_2157 The OKC National Memorial Museum…_DSC0361


Boy…those sunsets! And the big open spaces.


While in Oklahoma this time, it was the coldest it’s been all winter. I had conveniently forgotten what it feels like to run outside in 8 degree weather with the wind in your face, returning home and your family wondering if you’ve had a stroke because the most wind-beaten side of your face is all numb and droopy when you speak.


Speaking of running, I signed up for a half marathon this spring! I’ve never raced that distance before. I’m way excited about it. I’m looking forward to the training that will precede it in the upcoming months! I’m curious about the fancy shmancy world of high-energy endurance supplements (such as Gu pouches, Clif shot blocks, etc). On runs over 12 miles I’ve always just packed gummy bears into a ziploc and shoved it in the front of my sports bra. (I’m that classy, folks). During today’s cold, wet, workout all I wanted was salty, hot, tater tots. But those don’t travel well in the aforementioned location.

It’s still raining here and I need to refill my cup of tea and skooch closer to the fireplace.

Friends/family in the Sooner State, I miss you! And friends here in Seattle, I look forward to catching up with you soon! [Especially you, Marisa Loper…if you’re reading this ;-)]


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Debbie King says:

    Love it Lana! Here’s a thought for your Gu supplements. Safety pin one or two to your sports bra or shorts. You can rip it right off the safety pin (no need to “unpin” it mid-run). The pokey edges of Gu packets will scratch up your chest if you put them in your current supplement storage location, which won’t be too comfy as your salty sweat runs into the wound mid run! 😉 (This is a trick I learned from my ZAP days). Best of luck in your half marathon this spring!

  2. loperfamily says:

    Bahahahaha yes yes, please lets hang out soon! And I will teach you all things half marathon related…what race did you sign up for? Fun!

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