Tuesday’s Things

Can we just talk about how excited I am about this half marathon in the Spring? I’m having so much fun revising my training for a longer race distance.

Have I told you about my workout calendar? In my enthusiasm & elation regarding “everything that is half-marathon related right now”, I made a monthly calendar where I log my daily training. Confession: I may or may not have used crayons in said completion of training calendar. After I decide definitively if I am too embarrassed or not to show it to you, there is a chance I may eventually post a photo of it.

Anyways. On Tuesday, I did a 12 mile run with an 8 mile tempo in the middle of it. [A “tempo” is where you run “x” seconds slower than desired race pace goal. It’s not considered a “speed” workout, but a somewhat challenging pace that you can maintain for a certain distance.] Somewhere around mile 5 I felt a pebble burrowed into my running flats peskily under my second toe, and I could feel it with every step. SUPER ANNOYING. It’s like these particular flats were designed to slurp up pebbles into the sole.



There’s not always a ton to think about when covering that distance by yourself, so my train of thought went like this “I’m going to have to put up with this for 7 more miles…Maybe I’ll alter my stride so I don’t feel the pebble…No don’t do that you’re just asking for injury…ohmygosh what if I get a stress fracture.” So I abruptly stopped, got another rock to fish the pebble out of the orange waffle on the bottom of my foot, and continued on.

Other thoughts roaming through Lana’s head during this time frame. “Is the fog EVER going to clear up? I can’t see more than 100 meters in front of my face!…I miss running with Lauren Watson. Hot cocoa hot cocoa hot cocoa. It’s only 32 F right now – how did I ever used to race in basically underwear in these conditions? Was I crazy?! Am I still crazy??! Probably. I wish our balcony had a built-in hot tub. And that the hot tub had a faucet. And the faucet produced an ice cold Stout. And the mug for the Stout had lizards and kokopelli men on it. And I wish I was in that hot tub right friggin’ now.

The 12 miles were completed, and the 8 mile tempo’s pace was ran faster than predicted. Overall, and most importantly, I had a blast doing it.

My two days off of work (during the work week) usually consist of three main things: running, grocery shopping, and laundry. Oh and reading. Lots of reading in the Lacey household lately.

As a reward for errand running (which I loathe), I treat myself to sushi. Just about every week. Sometimes two packages worth if we ate all our dessert in the house the night before and I need extra sushi to fill me up. (My very logical reasoning.) Sushi and french-pressed coffee. Defiled with a profane amount of cream, of course. (Is it coffee or is it tan milk?? Nooobody knooows!)


I love being out of college and having time to read novels! One could say I’m making up for lost time.


Sometimes I forget to empty the lint filter. By “sometimes” I mean “all the time”. The clothes just weren’t drying as fast that day! I wonder why. This erased my perplexity regarding the matter. Thanks, Tyrel, for keeping me in line.

That’s all for Tuesday’s things. My birthday is Sunday and Ty said we have plans for Saturday but he’s not telling me what they are. I love surprises!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Things

  1. bohemia440@yahoo.com says:

    Lint in the hand is better than lint in the navel . Love hearing and reading the adventures you post! Hello to Tyrel. Find me on Facebook Jack Cummings

    Sent from my iPhone

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