Last Weekend

Today I couldn’t help but reminisce about last weekend’s awesomeness. My Aunt Sherri (who lives here on Mercer Island) surprised me with a Northeastern Family birthday party! I thought we were going over to her house to look at a painting but as it turns out, it was an early birthday party! The party was complete with my adorable, artistic, and lovely grandmother (Peppy) my super precious friend Jenn (considered family…by me), and my generous, hospitable, “sweet as molasses” Aunt Sherri. (And me and my favorite man on earth, of course.)

It was such a good time!

I was super shocked to learn the party was for me.


Yes that is me. Wearing Tyrel’s ‘Death Cab for Cutie’ shirt. You know you’re cool when you wear your husband’s clothes for kicks and giggles just because you can.


Reading really sweet cards in the midst of excellent company.


Opening really sweet gifts. (Remember when we left Simon, our 2011 Christmas tree, up until February? My aunt loves me so much she left hers up for me. As if this party wasn’t already great enough, her illuminated coniferous beauty just added to the love in the room.)


And ginormous humungous mumbo jumbo red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! It was fantastic!!

Such a fun, unexpected surprise!

Thanks, Sherri 🙂


One thought on “Last Weekend

  1. Sherri Mills says:

    Lana…I love you so much!! Thank you for the special tribute to your birthday celebration. I’m so glad you had such a good time….and Tyrel did so good in keeping the surprise!! yay!!
    Since I don’t have pics of your celebration I downloaded your pics and will be sharing your party on facebook my friends. Happy Birthday to my sweet ,Lana…and looking forward to more special times with you. So thankful to have them!! Mwah!

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