(I know these last 2 posts are slightly out of order, but it was of supreme importance that I posted ABOUT Tyrel ON his actual birthday! [Yesterday]. So I’m sorry these 2 posts are backwards. Actually, I’m not sorry. Lots of great things are done backwards. Like moon-walking for example. )

I turned 26 on the 27th of January, and really want to tell you about it…

Because THIS GUY


…made it one stellar birthday.

First, Ty planned for us to go for a run on the trails in Cougar Mountain National Park…which he knows I love. I especially love running with him and talking his ear off the whole time. We have this unspoken rule, that when it’s your birthday, you can request anything you want as silly as it may be, and the other person has to do it. So mid-run, I asked him to hold my hand and sing happy birthday to me as we continued along the trail, and he obliged, throwing in a special twist of rapping it instead of singing it. Throughout the whole day I probably heard 5 different renditions of “happy birthday” from him.


Then we went to Boehm’s Candies in Issaquah and picked up my absolute favorite candies. Dark chocolate hawaiian sea salt caramels.


And licorice caramels. Because I’m an old lady and like licorice.


It looks like a turd packaged nicely in a clear candy wrapper doesn’t it? Good I’m glad you think so. Stay away from my candy, fool.


My mom gave me a year’s subscription to Southern Living magazine – to remember my roots. And to entertain me on the bus rides home from work so I don’t get caught up in sympathetic conversations with random strangers who clearly exhibit signs of undiagnosed personality disorders and emotional instability. Thanks mom!

That afternoon Tyrel told me to throw on some athletic clothes but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. This is him documenting my enthusiastic anticipation for our surprise activity.


He took me to Sky High Sports – basically an indoor trampoline facility with trampolines evvvvverywhere…all over the ground and on the walls. Complete with foam pits and dodgeball courts.

(Side note: when we got there that afternoon, there were a million bajillion little kid birthday parties going on and they were actually at max capacity. So we came back the next day instead with our good friends the Bradleys.) 


We were the oldest ones there by at least a decade. And it was fantastic.

Throughout the few days leading up to my birthday, I started receiving personalized, hand-written, extremely thoughtful letters from several close friends and some family, all wishing me a very happy birthday and sharing some amazing/hilarious/random memories that we had made together. At first I wondered why Tyrel would insist on picking up the mail every day. And I found it odd that he would stand in the kitchen looking busy while he not-so-discretely watched me open the letters. He just contentedly grinned at my myriad of reactions that ranged from: crying because I was so touched by all the sincerity and kind words, laughing hysterically…unable to control it and often ending up on a heap on the floor, and shaking my head wondering “I can’t believe I did that. Or that they remember it!” Tyrel seemed to enjoy these letters as much as I did. I finally caught on that HE had asked everyone to do this. (Gosh, the thoughtfulness! If I haven’t convinced you already that I married someone out of my league…let this be all the convincing that you need. Seriously. THIS. GUY.)


And I’m still receiving them in the mail 12 days later! Such a wonderful birthday gift. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, if you were one of the people that sent me a letter. You helped make it one of the most memorable birthdays of my lifetime.

That night we got dressed up all fancy…and I wore heels because I’m a girl and feel like I should do that from time-to-time which squeezed my bunions and chastised my blisters and made me walk awkwardly and I will hate heels forever and ever amen…and went to a sushi dinner. Which was wonderful. And then we went to John Howie Steakhouse for dinner and drinks. The perfect ending to the perfect day!



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