Kelley Parents’ Visit!

My parents came to visit us last weekend for a few days all the way from OOOOOO…KLAHOMA.


(So brace yourselves to be photo bombed with more than you probably even care to see. I can’t help it. I’m excited.)

We did a few touristy things, but they mostly just wanted to meet all of our close friends so that they could know who we speak of when we tell them stories.

Touristy thing #1: my mom was so excited to sit on the iconic brass pig in the heart of Pike Place Market. Partly because episodes of Top Chef were filmed here, and partly because she’s an Arkansas fan. This is her pretending it’s a razorback. Woo pig sooey. <—I just felt like I had to say that.

(Side note: I really love that my mom is the kind of person who will hop on top of pigs in a very open, public place…all in the name of fun.)


And I like the photo below because it says “quality always” right above my dad’s head. Even though it’s probably describing merchandise or produce, I like to think that it’s referring to my dad. Because he’s seriously one quality guy.

In this next photo, please note the italian broccoli in the center. Doesn’t it remind you of an image you’d see under a proton microscope? (Please, someone, validate this observation so I don’t look like the nerd that I am.)


In case you’ve never seen or tasted delicious subterranean mushrooms, here is a photo of a truffle…

I think it looks like charcoal.

Or poop.


Behold! Very large salmon with their heads cut off.


I walked into a bookstore where the man behind the counter would speak to people and, mid-sentence, would decide to sing the rest of what he was saying instead. I really liked this about him. I showed an interest in one particular book, and after speaking/singing extensively to the man about flatulence, decided to finalize my purchase.

One of the best books ever written entitled “The Gas We Pass” written in 1978 by a genius.


My mom and I spent one afternoon baking chocolate cupcakes and Ty and Dad helped us clean the bowls.


Then we brought the cupcakes over to Eric and Marisa’s, where Marisa and I completed the cupcakes by injecting them with homemade caramel sauce, topping them with homemade buttercream frosting, drizzling the leftover caramel over the frosting, and topping them with sea salt.

It was Marisa’s recipe, and it was a hit! As all of her recipes are. This is us enjoying them. I would show you a photo of the cupcakes, but they got eaten too quickly. And the leftovers we brought home have already disappeared. (Are you the least bit surprised?!)


Mom was a big fan of Kiah. But let’s be honest…everyone who knows Kiah is a fan. He’s a rockstar.


We celebrated Tyrel and I’s January and February birthdays by eating at Dahlia Lounge. One of Tom Douglas‘ restaurants. It was some of the best food I have ever ever tasted.


We also toured Chateau Ste Michelle – the oldest and most well-known winery in the state of Washington.


And tasted several of their wines.


photo-54And we also visited Snoqualmie Falls!


It was an already misty day, but the mist was amplified from the plumes of the waterfall.


It was so great having them in town. We’ve already compiled a list of more “outdoorsy” things to do for when they come back in the summer or fall when the weather is nice. 🙂 I am convinced I have the coolest parents (geez and not to mention in-laws!) in the world, so I am one lucky girl.



4 thoughts on “Kelley Parents’ Visit!

  1. Marisa says:

    and kiah is still talking about “lisa” so she obviously made an impression on him too! 🙂 so fun…they definitely need to come back in the summatime (and the livin’s easy…i had to. because i knew you would…)

  2. Jack Cummings says:

    Geez it looked like a lot of fun…a photo reminded me and made me think that your mom looks like the actress in “Body of Proof.” Have you watched that show? Another photo made me wonder about the reflection on the tag…lazer like reflection…lol.. I love all of it and the fruit market resembling Mexico and their markets. Oh yeah and the misty falls, like Horse Tail Falls in Monterrey, Mexico.

  3. Ashlea Achilles says:

    This photo album made my day, especially the book about “gas”! Miss you so much Lana, you are the coolest chick I know! Your aussie mate always- Ash xo

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