Poo Poo Point Hike

The sun came out.

Not briefly, as it sometimes does. But for a whole day!

Tyrel and I dropped what we were doing, packed some snacks and nalgenes, called up our good friend Amy, and set out for a hike to capitalize on the beautiful day we had been blessed with.

{Amy [ay-mee]: fun-loving and spontaneous friend who is always game for a last minute adventure. Sports fan. Outdoors fan. Life fan.} – lanapedia.com


…Short sleeeeves!

We hiked to Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain. As if the hike wasn’t fun in and of itself, our destination was “Poo Poo Point”. And because I have the sense of humor of a 1st grader, Tyrel and Amy got to listen to me make potty jokes the whole way to the top. At no point on our hike was there a port-a-john. Or honey bucket. The irony just about killed me.


Poo Poo Point is a popular place for paragliding. (<— woohoo! alliteration!)

This is most certainly on our “to do” list. We have a real live list of such things.

Taking off tandem…


Mt. Rainier in the background…




We hiked to the other side of the mountain, which also had a great view.



All I can think about when I look at the (above) photo is how long it would take us to log-roll down to the bottom of the mountain. Or do forward rolls.


…and this is us pooping! Just kidding. That would go down in the books as the most scenic view while going #2, though.






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