Bacon Birthday Bash

Friends & Family, I would like to introduce you to our good friends Thad and Marilee.

I know I “talk up” everyone that is featured here on my blog, but duh…I only blog about awesome things so it will be worth your time to read/view. With an exception to posts like these, of course. Those RSP’s (random subject posts) are just for my own amusement.

Here they are! My awesome friends! They have two awesome boys as well but they’re not featured because I feel like I need permission to include photos of peoples’ kids. Otherwise that’s just creepy. I do have boundaries.

Thad had a birthday recently, so his amazing wife threw him the coolest “man” birthday party in the history of birthday parties. She’s super creative and I find her inspiring, to say the least.

I made her pose for this photo. (Thanks, Marilee, for humoring me!)


She invited a bunch of Thad’s friends over for poker, whiskey, and bacon. everything. bacon.

I also made Thad pose for a photo. (Thanks, Thad!)


Please note the “deck of cards” streamer hanging from the ceiling in the background. She also made all the decorations with her genius mind and clever hands.

You may be wondering why I was at this party when I’m [clearly] not a man. I came over to primarily hang out with the hostess, but also to help serve the guys snacks!

On the menu:


Peppered bacon.

Bacon-flavored popcorn.

Bacon/jalapeno/cream cheese crescent rolls.



Brownies with caramel drizzle and…you guessed it…bacon!! I certainly wound up eating more snacks than I served the guests. You can see why.


Super delicious. You know when women will exclaim in remorse, “Ohhh my gaaawd I ate half the pan!”…? Well, Lana ate half the pan. And I only refer to myself in third person when I’m confessing something truthful that I feel no shame about. They were freakin’ delicious.

These snacks fueled Tyrel to win the poker game at the end of the night. While writing this I’m laughing, because I realized I had no photos of Ty but several of Marilee’s brownies. (Sorry, Ty. I love you!)


It was an awesome night spent with friends 🙂



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