Joshua James Concert

I have a new artist you need to check out and his name is Joshua James. He’s easily become one of my favorite musicians!

I was at work when Tyrel called that afternoon saying that our friends Ed and Morgan, whom you met here, invited to a private concert that her company was hosting for its employees that night. Live concert with good friends? Yes please!

This night was a bit different than my usual routine. The days I work typically go like this:

1. Work 12.5 hours

2. Come home and immediately shed my ‘who-knows-what’ infested blue scrubs

3. Don something reeeal classy like SmartWool socks, Ty’s boxers, and an over-sized Tulsa Cross Country sweatshirt.

4. Consult with Tyrel what Pandora station we should listen to

5. Eat dinner on the floor…even though we have a table to sit at…because we often strangely prefer the floor

5B. Dinner is interrupted (once or twice) by a song that comes on Pandora that I must dance to for at least half a minute. Because the infamous combination of SmartWool socks and my husband’s boxers put me in a silly and happy mood.

Sooo…this was one of those days where I expected to go to work for 12 hours, and come home to complete steps 2-6. But when one is given a last-minute opportunity to go to a concert with friends, one must take it. And I had no regrets whatsoever.


The concert was at the Moore Theater in downtown Seattle, but not in the main auditorium. It was held in an underground lounge-ish area. Upon arriving, we walked downstairs and met some of the people Morgan works with (I would say “mingled” but that sounds too fancy). We took our seats in a room a little bigger than our living room, and they just started playing. This may sound strange, but it almost felt like an “interactive” concert if there ever were such a thing. I think that’s because it just felt so personal. Like everyone just congregated to hang out and some guy simply whipped out his guitar and started playing. I immediately looked over at Morgan with my jaw halfway to the floor. He was sooo good. 


Not the clearest of photos. But they’ll have to do!


Afterward we shook his hand, thanked him for putting on such a great show, and that wrapped up the night!

You need to listen to “Mystic” on youtube (one of my favs). You also need to listen to “Coal War” if you like something a little more upbeat. Everything is good, though. You really can’t go wrong if you listen to his whole album.

It was easily one of the best concerts I’ve been to.



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