They’re Engaged!


My sister-in-law, Caitlin, got engaged last weekend!

Brad (above) called Tyrel a couple weeks ago informing him that he would be proposing to Caitlin. Because he knows how close Tyrel and Caitlin are, he asked us if we’d consider flying home to be a part of the surprise proposal. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to be a part of that, so we took a red eye flight back to Tulsa and stayed for all of 32 hours! Totally worth it.

The proposal involved dinner, fireworks, and family.

It simply must be mentioned that he rigged the fireworks himself. Since random firework shows within city limits aren’t exactly legal, homeboy bought a phone with cash, connected “some sort of special wire” to the vibrating part of the phone, to make it to where he could call that phone from his cell phone to ignite the show. Pretty genius.

Welcome to the family, you felon! (Just kidding.)

The whole Lacey clan met up with Brad’s family at his parents’ house, and drove over to the bridge where we could all ambush them as soon as we saw her say “yes” (because we knew she would.)

You really should just watch the whole thing here. (Thanks, David, for making the video!)

Prepare to be photo-bombed…




This made my eyes a little damp…


We went back to Brad’s family’s house to celebrate afterward! Enchiladas, chips & guac, cake, champagne toast, and lots of laughing!








Congratulations Brad and Caitlin!


One thought on “They’re Engaged!

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    We met Brad when they were up last month. Great young man and a wonderful addition to the family! Sorry we missed you, I was taking a class in Wichita.

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