How Animals Eat Their Food

Let’s pretend for just a second that we’re two 86 year olds sitting across from each other at a tiny table in the loft of a hipster coffee shop, ranting on about the government (or because we wear over-sized dentures…”da gubbament”), exchanging monologues about our frustration with Medicare. Enter: complaints about our health. THERE. Now we are in an appropriate setting for our conversation.

A little over a month ago some x-rays told me that I have two compression fractures in my back. Because I heard the word “fracture”, and because I care about my health long-term, I decided to put a screeching halt to my half marathon training for [what was going to be] an upcoming race in early May. I don’t know how the fractures got there since it obviously wasn’t due to an acute injury that I can recall, so after three weeks of waiting for an appointment with a physiatrist, I’m finally going in to see one today. I’m strangely looking forward to it because A) this one specializes in sports injury and B) I want to know what the PoopStupidShutUp is going on with my body for me to be 26 years old and have ‘back issues’. Dumb.

I’d rather be smart about it now, so later I can be like these 94 and 95 year old men!

People don’t have 100% freaking awesome days 365 days out of the year like social media would lead you to believe. Even if you have a great perspective, know things could be a lot worse, and have a “cup’s half full” mentality, some days you just feel bummed. After a month of not doing what I love, despite trying to fill my time with other hobbies and see it as an opportunity to spend my time elsewhere, I would just. like. to go. for a run.

Or be here making 1st grader jokes with Ty about the Grand Tetons which (apparently) means “large teats” in french.

_DSC0138 _DSC0147

Anyway, today I came across this video (below) and it had me laughing HARD the whole way through. I watched it about 8 times as bits of my breakfast (of cheese tortellini?) came flying out of my mouth in hysteria. Just what I needed today so I thought I’d share it with you!


One thought on “How Animals Eat Their Food

  1. marisa says:

    oh friend…i’m sorry you’re kinda dying. I feel your pain…pregnancy is not conducive to running. maybe this is to prepare you? 😉 come hang with me & kiah!!

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