Party for LP

Don’t worry the party wasn’t for me! A co-worker and friend of mine took a different position within the Virginia Mason organization and will no longer be working alongside us on our unit. Sad day. Lots of great memories that were made during just the year and a half I’ve been there! BUT the silver lining is…she’s pregnant! So those of us that work together got together to celebrate the coming of Baby. She’s the cutest preggo person ever.


None of us knew the sex of the baby yet, so she revealed it to us by baking a cake that would either be pink or blue and….


It’s a boy!!!

I work with an amazing group of women (and men…but they weren’t at the party.) I’m pretty spoiled to love my job so much as well as the people I work with!

I wish I would have taken a photo of the variety of food that was there. Another benefit of working with such a diverse group…potlucks are fabulous!


These two. Love ’em.

Call me a dork, but I legitimately enjoy going to work largely in part because of the people I get to spend time with.


One thought on “Party for LP

  1. Courtney Rokstad says:

    I won’t call you a dork, this is awesome!

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