Memorial Day Weekend


These lovely ladies came to stay with us this weekend! (Left to right: Aunt Brenda, Aunt Ginger, and Grandy). Both Brenda and Grandy flew in from Kansas and Ginger drove up from Bend, Oregon. “Technically” Tyrel’s side of the family but we have arguments over who loves them more. I’m pretty sure it’s me.

Most of the things we did involved enjoying nature. There were picnics, lots of walking, and lots of marveling at the northwestern flora. My kind of weekend for sure.

The above photo was taken at Snoqualmie Falls, as were these…






Tyrel is much better at remembering to bring the camera and take photos. Hence there being no photos of him. 😦

We took them to our favorite chocolatier, and as if literally two pounds of chocolate apiece wasn’t enough, by the time we made it to the parking lot both Grandy and Aunt Ginger decided to go back in and get some more! They had forgotten toffee and milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts!! Couldn’t leave Washington without them. Grandy had chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and was verrrrry happy.


Brenda, Tyrel, and I took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island for the day to walk around and have a picnic.



Can you see the Cascades in the background behind the downtown skyline?






While we were on the island there was a protest going on. People were marching around with signs shouting “Just say “NO” to GMO!!” They were very passionate about the issue…but also looked very hungry. I giggled and waved.

Picnic and the only photo of Tyrel from the whole weekend…boo. (Next time I’M going to carry the camera!)


Walking up our street and pausing every 10 steps or so to identify plants.






Grandy is one of my favorite people in the universe. After they left, Tyrel said “You and Grandy are so much alike. You’re going to be just like her at that age.” Best compliment I’ve ever received.



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