Kelley Family Vacation

This has been one incredible summer. One of the highlights was most definitely going on vacation with my family to Colorado for a week in July. A full week of family dinners, spending every waking moment outside, and quality time and conversations together. When Tyrel and I think back to that week we think of having a permanent smile from so much joy as well as a permanent side-stitch from so much laughter!

My parents rented a house for us to stay in up in the mountains of Breckenridge. Here’s the view from right outside the door.


Cooking fish tacos for dinner.


While the fish was grilling outside, we had a visitor who wanted to sample the goods.


…and wouldn’t leave until we ate it all and he saw there was none left.


My parents are the cutest thing ever. This is what they do when they think no one is looking.


It wouldn’t be Kelley Family Vacation if we didn’t throw some games into the mix. We played a game called “fax machine” in which everyone writes down a word or phrase, then passes it to the right, and then the person on the right has to draw the word/phrase, then it’s passed again, and then the next person has to write a word/phrase they think explains the photo they just received. So it alternates like that all the way around the table until you receive your own back and see the evolution from what you originally wrote. At the end you all share what was written and drawn from your word/phrase. It’s hilarious. Especially with my family!

Tyrel naively wrote “viagra”, passed it to me, so of course I drew the anatomically correct “effects” of viagra, passed it to my mom, who wrote down exactly what she saw….etc. etc. (Sorry, Mom!) This photo was taken as we were going through all the things people wrote/drew.


We hiked along the Continental Divide.



So breathtaking…



We’re not too grown-up to do some Alpine sliding!


Tyrel and Ryan’s rule they stuck to: “Full speed – no brakes”.


Cara’s rule she stuck to (without trying): “Have perfect hair at all times even when flying down a mountain.”




The guys spent a day golfing amidst a backdrop of the beautiful Rockies…


….And came home to golf some more! We call it “house golf”. And house golf is always more competitive than the real thing.


Cara helped make things a little trickier.


We went to listen to live music in the park while eating KFC which was delicious but not a good idea. (Does “KFC” stand for “Kentucky Fried Cholera”? If not, I think they should change it.) The “gut rot” as I like to call it, was way overshadowed by the magnificent view and amazing experience.

Perfect weather!


Not featured in the photos are happy hour dates with Cara and Ryan, long walks with Mom and Cara into town for fancy dinners and “girl time”, Tyrel and I’s early morning runs along the creeks and rivers while the sun was rising, and seeing our good friends Casey and Breanna who are students at Denver Seminary right now.

Tyrel and I’s goal is to get very last Kelley and Lacey to move to Washington where you never have to be sad when you leave the mountains because you’re permanently surrounded by them. 🙂 We’re bound and determined to make that happen.


This is what the house looked like at night. Many nights were spent outside in the hot tub looking at all the stars.


One of the highlights of Tyrel and I’s summer for sure! Thank you, Parents. 🙂


You may have already noticed but I’ve done some maintenance on the blog. I edited the “about” section and added categories at the bottom where you can browse through posts by topic. More topics possibly to come! Also, and most importantly, I love hearing from you and reading your comments. To make it a bit easier, you should now no longer need to log-in to leave a comment. To follow this blog via email updates (since I don’t really post on a routine basis) simply click the link below! Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Kelley Family Vacation

  1. risa says:

    Aw this is so great!! Maybe we should include your fam in our rv road trip vacay 😄

  2. Anonymous says:

    This was the best vacation ever! You’re right…..I smile, too, every time I think of it.

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