Seabrook Celebration

I got to spend an whole weekend surrounded by some of the most amazing women I have ever met. 20 of them in total, to be specific.

My good friend Amy invited us all out to Seabrook which is located in Pacific Beach, Washington, to celebrate her birthday!

Meet Amy! Isn’t she beautiful?


We all rented a house on the coast and one of the first things we did when we got there was sprint out to the ocean in typical Amy/Lana fashion. Pacific waters are cold.


And of course we took the obligatory “jump in place” photo.



Bet you could never guess which feet are mine. Hint: look for the black rotting toenails and the bunions. Sexy.

We spent a lot of time hanging out, talking, and laughing!




A lot of time was spent walking along the beach. Here are several photos to serve as a visual explanation as to why the majority of our time was spent outside…






Sunset from the deck of the house…



I’m not much of a chit-chat kind of gal, and knowing that there would be 20 women (most of whom I did not know) staying in one house, sort of made me want to shrink inside myself. It is challenging when you encounter women who just want to talk about throw pillows and bargains and make up and celebrity gossip and their husbands’ flaws. Those topics aren’t my forte. BUT this was not the case this weekend! When everyone under one roof knows and loves the Lord, you skip the “getting to know you” phase and get right to the heart of the matter and talk about real life stuff with vulnerability and authenticity because even if you’re not perfect, you know it’s all covered by grace. With that said, I had some great conversations that I will undoubtedly remember for a lifetime because of the wisdom and perspective I gleaned from them.

Here are a few of the members of “the league of extraordinary women” as I like to call them collectively…as I fondly reminisce. 🙂


I was seriously so humbled to be included in this group of amazing women! I have now forcefully clawed my way into new friendships and will henceforth force every single one of them to hang out with me as often as possible.

Very thankful for this friend right here!


What relationships are you thankful for today? 

Have you ever been in the Pacific Ocean?


2 thoughts on “Seabrook Celebration

  1. risa says:

    We need to take you to so Cal…

  2. olgatodd says:

    You have a beautiful blog!
    Please join our Facebook community of Daily Inspiration
    Hope to see you there

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