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Remember last post when I told you my goal was to blog with honesty and not out of fear of what you’d think? Well, holding true to that, expect to read more running-related posts this year. If I spent 15-20 hours per week playing shuffleboard, there would be a percentage of posts regarding shuffleboard that would correspond to the time I spent doing it.

By the way, have you seen those photo-ish/meme thingies that say something along the lines of, “pretty sure no one would run races if they weren’t allowed to talk about running races”? There is some truth to that. I don’t take offense. I find it hilarious.


But hey if something like shuffleboard is what you do, and if it fills up a lot of personal hours in your week as your “me” time, then let’s talk shuffleboard, dude! 

4 Things You Should Know That Hold Very Little Importance:

  1. I know where every sani-station/portapotty/honey bucket/port-a-john is within about a 20 mile radius of where I live. And have visited just about all of them.
  2. Because I frequent a lot of the same trails, I have made a friend in his 60s who doesn’t know he’s my friend. But I have a made-up name for him and wave an enthusiastic “hello” every time we cross paths and just recently we’ve progressed to exchanging 3 second phrases.
  3. I’m not one to shriek and squeal over meeting famous people, but one time I sat down for a beer with Jim Ryun who was the first high schooler to break the 4 minute mile way back in 1964. Just kidding I didn’t have a beer with him. It was cranberry juice. I was 13. And I like to think of it as my first date since my next date wasn’t until I was somewhere around 19.
  4. Sometimes I pick up hitchhikers. Coccinellids, mostly. This gal literally stayed on my arm the whole 1.5 I was in the shade and flew off when the sun started shining on me and it warmed up. Clever little thing. If I ever hitch a ride on a giant, I’m leaping off when we get to Mercury or Venus.


This is what I get to look at on the trails.




I run with my phone. Hence the photos.

What’s currently on my shuffle:

  1. Carry Me…Bombay Bicycle Club
  2. Luna…Bombay Bicycle Club
  3. It’s Alright Now…Bombay Bicycle Club
  4. My Body…Young the Giant
  5. Dissolve Me…Alt-J
  6. Fitzpleasure…Alt-J
  7. Pompeii…Bastille

**What do you spend most of your “me” time doing? **

**What music have you been listening to lately?**


3 thoughts on “Running Post

  1. Lisa Kelley says:

    I can picture you doing all of these things and it makes me smile 🙂

    I like to read, visit with friends, have dates with dad and hang out with my kids.

  2. I am LOVING the lady bug story! Although I think I may have freaked out a bit (unnatural fear of lady bugs from living in the midwest and having them in too many kitchens)

  3. Peggy Mills says:

    Can`t imagine you offending anyone on your Blog! Love reading your thoughts! Makes me feel close to you when I can`t be near!

    While your running, I would be painting the next piece, reading, journaling or taking a walk.

    Sure love you grand daughter!!

    Your Peppy

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