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Running Experiment

A friend of mine had a great idea for a blog post. I’ve written about what I see while running, and she suggested I write about what I hear when running as well. She often runs without headphones just to take in her surroundings, so I did my own little experiment last week and went without headphones too. Here’s what I noticed.

Wind chimes. At 5:00 a.m. before work, it is so quiet. I pretty much only hear my own footfall UNTIL a random gust of wind rattles a wind chime. Let me just say I have a love-hate relationship with wind chimes. On a summer day in Oklahoma when I’m sipping iced tea lying on the trampoline in my parents’ back yard, wind chimes are the ideal sound to accompany that experience. But can we talk about how eerie wind chimes sound when you’re out running by yourself, they break a complete silenceand it’s pitch black and foggy outside?! The perfect remedy for urinary retention issues. I just may recommend that for my elderly male patients with prostate enlargement.

The sound of my own weirdness. I never realized how much I talk to myself when I’m alone for a while. I mean, I don’t have full-on conversations with myself, but I certainly do weird things. My longest run of the week takes about 1.5  – 2 hours, and last week I got weeeeeird. Without anything in my ears to entertain me I started singing dirty rap songs in an opera voice to make myself giggle. So thanks, M.B., for bringing that elegant frightening aspect out of me by suggesting I run without headphones. 🙂

Footfall. Depending on what surface we run on, our footfall makes different sounds. Which I always knew, but I never realized how peaceful and hypnotic that consistent, rhythmic sound can be. And how those different sounds bring me back to different places where I heard the same sound. Like how the sound of crunching snow brings me back to the Midwest. Or the sound of rubber on rubber – my shoes hitting the track oval brings me back to a particularly wet outdoor track meet in college.


Sometimes it’s nice to be without headphones and enjoy the sounds of where you are, ya know? This little experiment has made me want to do that more often. It’s also made me realize how much I enjoy running with people to keep me company rather than just my music. Running with Club Northwest teammates is the best, though. I would never need music again if I lived next door to all those girls and could run with them every day. They’re crazy awesome and super fast.


**Do you run/walk/workout with music? Or do you prefer silence?**

**Do you like to be active with people or go solo?**





Welcome to LaceyVigor 2014. Where I will continue to have no general theme to this site and just write whatever the heck I feel like.

Tyrel and I had a good discussion recently on one of our ‘State of the Union’ chats (“union” = our marriage). We talked about all sorts of goals. Any and all goals pertaining to the subcategories of our life you could think of. I had pretty much given up on this blog because I thought it had to look a certain way if I were going to publish stuff consistently. Our conversation went something like this:

T: Why don’t you blog anymore?

L: Because I feel stupid doing it. I feel like by blogging I’m pridefully assuming people care about our lives and what I have to say. As if any of it is super important.

T: Oh, is that why you have [X] number of readers on a regular basis?

L: [insert eye roll or something]

T: I’m just saying, I think you’re happier when you have a creative outlet and I really love it when you write. Because I think you’re good at it. I wish you’d reconsider your decision to stop.

L: Well, I’m not going to do it anymore.

[Confession: I’m most stubborn in refusing to do something when I feel like I’m being pushed against my will.]

Here’s the conclusion. Because Tyrel is one of the best humans, what he says/suggests/encourages holds significant worth that I’d be a fool not to consider. So, now that Consideration Phase is complete, I want you to know Lacey Vigor will continue after it’s long vacation. And I’m excited for 2014!

Here’s some honesty:

The largest contributing hindrance to writing this blog was fear. I have a very diverse group of friends and not-so-diverse family. So I found myself writing to please one audience or the other. “If I write about [x] will that offend my friends? And if I write about [x] will that offend my family?” So, in moving forward, please know this:

I may “offend” you but that’s not my intent.

  • In a culture where we have become grossly obsessed with “intolerance”, I think our dinner parties have gotten a lot more boring because we fear we’ll come across as intolerant if we openly discuss our differing viewpoints. But I love hearing people talk about their education/life experiences/upbringing that lead them to their spiritual beliefs and political viewpoints and opinions on controversial issues. And that’s because I love people and those “forbidden” topics are often the ones that provide the most insight into a person’s personhood. So I don’t want fear to prevent me from showing you my true colors, because I don’t desire that for you, either.

I don’t maintain this blog to…

  1. Show you how awesome my life is #humblebrag
  2. Make money and get free stuff
  3. Convince you that my opinions and thoughts are of highest importance <– definitely not that.

I do maintain this blog because…

  1. My husband thinks I should and he tells me I’m good at it and that makes me feel good
  2. I enjoy setting an example of authenticity even if that means showing you photos of my gnarly feet
  3. I love reading your comments and emails you send. Please continue to do so! I read every single email.

Thanks for reading LaceyVigor you crazy weirdo. Now get off your rump and go do something.


So I made a blog.  
The purpose is to share our life in Seattle, WA with friends and family.  
The URL is because “vigor” is one of my favorite words (yes, I have favorite words…more on that later.) It means “effort, energy, and enthusiasm.” Every post created will be guaranteed to have some aspect of vigor in it.  
Effort – what we’re working on, working through, or working towards.
Energy – what, and primarily Whom, keeps us going.
Enthusiasm – what we’re passionate about and enjoy sharing with people. 
Welcome to Tillage.